Workplace Necktie Color Selection Is Very Important
- Sep 29, 2017 -

The development of the Internet, the progress of civilization, people pursue the pace of the United States faster and faster, closely follow the international fashion trends, of course, some people feel that their style is the trend. In the choice of the Necktie that some people think that there is no good choice, which like, which pleasing to the eye to wear a Necktie. In fact, Necktie the dress with a lot of doorway, choose the wrong Necktie color may make you lose your job, the following teach you in the workplace or about to enter the workplace how you choose Necktie.
The following data is not groundless, is based on the results of scientists experiment:
Purple Necktie: gives arrogant feeling, to the interviewer's feeling is flashy, generally will let you leave the interview.
Green Necktie: give people greedy, jealousy feeling, to the boss feel you will be a opportunistic person.
Pink Necktie: the general color of this Necktie is used to dating with the opposite sex wear, used in the workplace will make people think you are seeking sympathy.
Of course, some people want to break the routine, not according to routines to choose to wear a Necktie. If you are a beach-goer, then how can take, but in the workplace, do not recommend you to do so, after all, different occasions, the workplace or the spirit of the spirit of dignity and other elements to consider, it is recommended in the workplace with yellow, red or maroon Necktie, to The feeling of people is safe and reliable.
Necktie in the chest position, always accidentally stained with some stains, and the Necktie is not the same as ordinary clothing can be thrown into the washing machine casually wash, most people will be handed over to the dry cleaners to clean. The following for everyone to bring their own home cleaning Necktie and ironing Necktie method.
Because the Necktie fabric and lining material is different, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, and easy to damage the Necktie surface gloss, so here we do not advocate the use of washing, it is recommended that everyone dry cleaning.
Cleaning Tape Required Tools Material:
High purity alcohol or more than 120 colorless solvent gasoline, smooth stickless sticks, soft brush, iron or steam iron, Necktie shape cardboard.
Dry cleaning method:
1, the silk Necktie soaked in high purity alcohol or 120 or more colorless solvent gasoline in about 10 minutes;
2, with a smooth sticky sticks tapping the stains stains place, the purpose is to accelerate the decomposition of stains in the solvent. If the stain is too large, you can gently rub your hand.
3, with water to Necktie the net after hanging with hangers, such as alcohol or gasoline volatile. If there are stains on the Necktie at this time, you can use a soft brush dipped gently scrub.
Necktie ironing method:
1, regardless of your Necktie is silk or other material Ye Hao, should not use high-temperature ironing, or Necktie will become very flat, the loss of the Necktie's own natural drape, which is why not recommend you to dry and use The reason for ironing.
2, ironing the Necktie remember to cover the surface of the first layer of cotton cloth, to avoid the iron and Necktie the surface of the direct contact.
3, the Necktie shape cardboard into the Necktie lining, with iron gently ironing, to prevent the Necktie side of the iron too dead.
4, ironing process to use low temperature, ironing speed to be fast, to prevent the phenomenon of some parts of the yellowing.
5, if the Necktie with a slight wrinkle, it can be tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every day wrinkles disappeared.