Why Does Necktie Of Cotton Fabrics Shrink?
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Why does Necktie of cotton fabrics shrink?
Textile shrinkage mainly depends on the moisture absorption performance of the fiber, because the natural fiber moisture absorption capacity, shrinkage is also large, generally 5-10%, synthetic fiber shrinkage is low, so the natural fiber and synthetic fibers interwoven or blended can shrink Rate reduction, shrinkage treatment can also reduce the shrinkage, such as after shrinking process, it will not feel obvious, especially woven cotton than knitted cotton shrinkage lower, knitting cotton shrinkage, generally in the 3% -5 % Of the range is normal. Take a look at the Necktie shrinkage principle of cotton fabric.
Cotton textiles mainly cotton as raw material, through the machine, by the latitude and longitude vertical and horizontal intertwined from each other. Cotton fabric in the process of dyeing, the fiber to be a certain external force to be stretched, to be finishing, this stretch will be temporarily in the "stable" state, in the immersion washing, the water will make the link between the fiber molecules weakened, The friction of the fiber surface is reduced, so that the temporary "stable" damage, at the same time, when the cotton Necktie infiltration, the water molecules will enter the cotton fiber inside, so that the fiber puffed, when the cotton Necktie weft (or warp) Thicker, cotton Necktie will produce contraction, which is cotton Necktie immersion washing, there will be "shrink" the cause of the phenomenon.
Cotton Necktie fabric is good, but what are the advantages of it, followed by Xiao Bian to see, have the following:
1, cotton Necktie hygroscopicity is very good, under normal circumstances, cotton Necktie can absorb moisture to the surrounding atmosphere, its moisture content of 8-10%, so it touches human skin, makes people feel soft and not stiff, Make people feel comfortable.
2, heat resistance, due to cotton Necktie heat good, at 110 degrees Celsius below, will only cause Necktie's water evaporation, will not damage the fiber.
3, alkali resistance, cotton fiber resistance to alkali, cotton Necktie in alkaline solution, the fiber does not occur damage phenomenon, but also on the cotton Necktie printing, embroidery and other processes.
4, health, cotton Necktie by many aspects of inspection and practice, cotton Necktie and skin contact without any stimulation, no side effects.
△ cotton Necktie also has several shortcomings
1, easy to wrinkle, wrinkled after more difficult to heal.
2, easy to shrink, cotton Necktie shrink is 2% -5%, after special water treatment exception.
3, easy to deformation, cotton Necktie easy to deformation.
Nowadays leisure Necktie variety, fashionable, the market all kinds of fabrics everything, silk, polyester, linen, TR and so on fabrics are now selling products. Silk Necktie more high-end, delicate workmanship and silky feel won the favor of successful people, especially in black and white two more selling; Polyester Necktie generally appear in the hotel, supermarket and other places, lighting under the lighting of Necktie sparkling, attract Eyeball and dignified atmosphere; cotton and linen, TRNecktie belongs to the dark horse in Necktie, refreshing touch of color and self-cultivation version of the appropriate autumn and winter season, the pursuit of fashion you do not miss.
Gray shirt outside take a dark cotton and linen Necktie, which makes the overall tone highlights in the upper body. NecktieV collar depth is moderate, cuff lines and version of the type of echoes, and sleeveless design is more able to reflect the effect of self-cultivation, single-breasted, symmetrical pocket, etc. are all designed to convey the designer's information: leisure.
The color of the cowboy is generally dark. Xiaobian think models this Necktie and the first cotton and linen Necktie have the same purpose, are Slim version, white lines give a false impression, like the European style of men's favorite.