Washing Method For Tie
- Sep 02, 2016 -

Such as dry cleaning, washing raw materials for high-purity alcohol or 120th, colorless solvent naphtha.

Silk tie soak about 10 minutes using smooth stick tapping without a thorn ties dirty, such as tie the stain area is too large, may be gently rubbed; hanger hangs after water got NET. Solvent after, if still ties it has stains, use a soft brush dipped in water and gently scrub.

Washing method

Due to the different tie fabric and lining materials, after washing is easy to crumple and fragile ties of matte, must not tie the entire washing into the water, preferably using dry cleaning. Tie knot easily stained with dirt, put it into the bowl filled with gasoline knead by hand washing or cleaning. Where there is dirt, scrub with a cloth dipped in gasoline.