Use Tie, Scarf, Tie What Is The Difference?
- Dec 27, 2017 -

1. tie:suitable for use in any occasion in the daytime with suits and shirts, and when it is not particularly formal at night.

2. scarf: or scarf, scarves in the shirt, the first is a simplified version of the old collar decorated as morning dress for Stock times tie, then gradually developed into the upper class with a choice to replace tie and tie, once in 60s before the very flow line, now use there are fewer people, generally limited to entertainment, culture, in short is a literary fan, rarely used in business occasions. But there is another scarf, cravat, a very old French scarf, which is usually used only as a morning dress. This is because the buns, with the needle to a fixed shape, silk is not up to ten times. So it's easy to consume.

3. bow tie:there are two kinds of common use, one is to use the white tie dress collocation or black tie, is a can be used for any shirt collocation (well, strictly speaking, not including leisure and American shirts) for the tie, this tie is generally used by professionals, it is the three division we say (lawyers, architects, doctors) and politician, professor at the University of character class, so this is why the former chief executive of Donald Tsang has a "bow tie" nickname. It is generally believed that business people are more formal than ties when they take a tie. But if it is the kind of lovely type except brightly coloured tie.





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