Tie The Ironing Method
- Sep 02, 2016 -

No matter what kind of material the tie, while ironing do not use high temperature, otherwise this tie would be very flat, flat, less ties to the natural feeling of tumbling.

Ironing must surface to cover with a layer of cotton cloth, avoid direct contact with the tie fabric iron, steam iron steam to deal with large folds, edges need to be significant at the crease and then the ironing method is preferred.

Ironing Shi, on with cardboard cut into tie shaped or with a Zhang white folding into tie shaped, plug into tie in lining part, again gently ironing, case will the side ironing have too died, also can without pad cloth for Ming ironing, but should be used low in the temperature, ironing speed to fast, so as not to appeared Pan yellow and "Aurora" phenomenon. If tie has minor of crease, can will its tightly to volume in clean of wine bottle Shang, across one days wrinkles can disappeared.