Tie Method
- Aug 30, 2017 -

Tie is the soul of a suit. To participate in formal communication activities, wearing a suit the best tie, you can also choose bow tie. Tie length to the belt buckle is appropriate Such as wearing a vest or a sweater, the tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually sandwiched between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt.

Wear a suit, the shirt sleeve should be longer than the suit sleeve 1-2 cm, collar shirt collar should be higher than the suit collar about 1 cm. Shirt hem must be tied into the pants. If not tie, shirt collar should be open. In formal communication, the color of the shirt is best in white.

Tie as a classic dress genuine men, became the elite men's wardrobe in the highest frequency of accessories.

1.The Windsor Knot

The tie of the Duke of Windsor is the most orthodox collar method, which is made into a triangular, full and powerful, fit with a wide collar shirt for formal occasions. Do not use fabrics that are thick enough to hit Windsor.

【Features】 Windsor knot is named because of the Duke of Windsor knot tie, is the most orthodox tie play. Played out of the triangle, full of powerful, suitable for match with a wide collar shirt. The assembly should be more horizontal development. Should avoid the material too thick tie, assembly also do not play too big.

[Tips] wide side of the first set aside a long space, around the loose, tight will affect the size of tie knot.

2.The four-in-hand Knot

Through four steps to complete the knot, hence the name "four knot", it is the most convenient tie system, suitable for narrower tie, with narrow collar shirt, style leisure, suitable for ordinary occasions.

【Features】 all the bow tie most easy to use, apply to a variety of styles of romantic shirt and tie. Through four steps to be able to complete knot, hence the name "four knot". It is the most convenient tie system, suitable for narrow width of the tie, with a narrow collar shirt, style leisure, suitable for ordinary occasions. (Similar to the flat)

3.The Half-Windsor Knot

As the name suggests, it is an improved version of the Windsor knot, more convenient than the Windsor knot, suitable for smaller tie and with a small collar collar with the standard collar shirt, but also does not apply to the thick texture of the tie.

【Features】 the most suitable with the romantic collar and standard collar series shirt. The semi-Windsor knot is a symmetrical tie knot, which is slightly larger than the Purite knot and smaller than the Windsor knot. Looks like a lot of steps, it is not difficult to do it, after the tie is usually a good position.

【Tips】 use the details of the tie easier to use, suitable for people who do not often play the tie






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