- Sep 02, 2016 -

Tie is the soul of suit. All formal communication, wearing suit and tie. Tie length to belt buckles. Wear a vest or sweater, a tie should be put behind them. Tie sandwiched between 45th button of the shirt.

When wearing a suit, shirt sleeves should more than suit sleeve length 1-2 cm, shirt collar suit as 1 cm or so should be high. Shirt tails must be into his trousers. If no tie, shirt collar open. In formal situations, shirt preferably white in color.

As men's classic tie is assembling ornaments, ornament of the highest frequency of occurrence in the elite men's wardrobe. A tie is not rare, and if you learn 10 tie play that will make people sit up, introduced ten tie game illustration, believe in accordance with step by step pictures of the decomposition steps with their own practice, will soon be able to easily get started.

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