Tie Lined Classification
- Sep 02, 2016 -

Lining by components of the tie can be divided into 4 categories, polyester lining, silk no lining

Wool lining, wool or silk + polyester blend of Citrus grandis. Ties should be all polyester lining and durable, but also for characteristics of the tie. Silk no lining and fleece lining for export United States this, because of the quota system, so exporting United States must tie silk no lining of natural raw materials, wool lining. Quota, but the United States also is used with silk no lining, fleece lined habit. Feel softer, it's Silk no lining, fleece-lined tie features, but for domestic consumers, it is lined with tie is more suitable. Silk no lining, wool lining and tie to wear than less flexible. Because the United States China's high level of consumption, they buy a tie generally buy 1 dozen, each tie does not take more than 5 times.