Tie Decorative Effect
- Sep 02, 2016 -

Ties are good partners of male employees, a nice tie can give the whole dress up brownie points. In fact, dress shirt, tie is also a great learning. Want to go with decent, really need men spend some effort.

Young people should use pattern tie that lively, intense color, to increase the use of youth; for older people, you should choose the solemn and elegant pattern, while ladies should use plain tie.

Also, note the dress shirt, tie and, should also pay attention to the shirt and tie a color coordination, to provide elegant, charming double ...

Silvery white suit with red tie and unrestrained more eye-catching red/purple suit with white tie elegant luxury; dark blue, dark green suit with yellow, rose tie to show deep, subtle temperament; Brown, dark green suit with blue tie to reveal elegant temperament.

Wearing a silver gray, cream suits, suits wearing bright red, Scarlet, dark green, blue, Brown and black tie, gives a quiet, beautiful, chic feel.

In red, purple-red suit, suitable for wearing white, ruhuang, silver gray, blue, emerald green tie, to show the effect of a kind of elegant luxury.

In dark blue, dark green suit, suitable for wearing orange, white, blue, pink tie, so wear gives a deep and subtle beauty.

Wearing a Brown, dark-green suit, suit wearing sky blue, ruhuang, Orange and yellow tie, displayed a delicate and elegant demeanor.

Black/Brown suit, suitable for wearing a silver-grey, white, blue, white and red stripes or black and blue striped tie, which is more dignified and generous.