Tie And Maintenance Methods
- Sep 02, 2016 -

01After use, please untie the bow tie, and gently from under the knot solution to avoid pulling on table cloths and lining to avoid breakage cause permanent wrinkles.

02Wearing the end later, please fold the tie or tie up, and pay attention to places is smooth so as not to scratch the tie.

03When driving seat belts, not the tie tie belt to avoid wrinkles.

04Tie of the same article again when you are finished, please wear after every few days, and first-place tie in damp places or spray a little water to make it fold after restitution, and then to dry flat or hang State.

05When contaminated with dirt, dry immediately, treat the folds to steam iron on ironing at low temperature. Deformation and damage caused by high temperature washing and ironing easier.