The Origin Of The Tie
- May 23, 2018 -

In the middle of the seventeenth Century, there was a minister in France, a white scarf and a beautiful tie on the neck of the neck. King Louis Xiv saw a great admiration. In public, he declared the bow tie as a sign of nobility, and ordered the upper class to be so dressed up. It can be seen that the necktie originated in Europe. Tie, as an ancient traditional product, has always been annotated as an honorable position. A delicate workmanship and soft tie is the classic decoration of every male.

Tie is a product of the development of material and culture of human society. It is a product of chance. Its wearers and observers influence their development. Marx said, "the progress of society is the pursuit of beauty by human beings." In real life, in order to beautify itself, make itself more perfect and more attractive, it produces the desire to decorate oneself with or with man-made objects. The origin of the necktie fully illustrates this point.

In 1668, the French king Louis Xiv inspected the Croatia mercenary in Paris, the collar of the mercenary officers and men, the earliest tie recorded in the historical records. Tie the history began; since then, the history of costume culture is in full bloom in a durable and can destroy the bright flower.

To say that tie is inseparable from talking about a suit, it can be said that tie and suit are twin brothers. The emergence and development of tie is closely related to the change of men's clothing in Europe in seventeenth Century.





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