The Different Colors Of Bowtie Give You Different Visual Effects
- Jul 04, 2017 -

The different colors of Bowtie give you different visual effects

As we all know, the Bowtie of different colors have different visual effects, so let's look at them.

1, white shirt, dark blue plaid

Simple white shirt is the first choice for men wearing the Bowtie with a square design, the overall wouldn't appear drab, and through the Bowtie design collocation of change, even a plain white shirt, also can have different visual effect.

2. Grey shirt and square Bowtie

The neutral tone of grey is one of the corners of the male shirt, and it can show your professionalism through the color of the middle. Bowtie-in the Bowtie of square pattern, can create abundant wearing expression in simple.

3. Water blue shirt, twill bow Bowtie

Blue shirt is the style that many men fall in love with, through the more gentle treatment of color, a light blue comfortable tonal, disintegrate a lot of serious atmosphere; Pair a twill bow Bowtie with the color department, simple simple can express the principle that grade is supreme.

4. Brown shirt and square pattern Bowtie

The earth tone of coffee is a popular color in recent years. With the matching of the same tone, it is easy to express the fashion attitude of men and show their different tastes.

5. White blue striped shirt, twill bow Bowtie

Striped shirt is actually one of the most important items for men to invest in, through the recombination of stripes and the matching of the same color. Without the monotony of the plain shirt, you will be more likely to see a man's shirt.

6. Camel color striped shirt, blue plaid bow Bowtie

In addition to the plain shirt, the striped shirt is quite a reference for the office worker. Through the embellishment of the stripe, also has the effect of elongate body, and the contrast between camel's pinstripe shirt and blue plaid bow Bowtie, it is more helpful to highlight your style of dress.

7. Blue striped shirt, twill bow Bowtie

Fine as a pencil point blue stripe, a stable and comfortable, with a pink bow Bowtie with contrast, is a bold collocation method, but not loss of taste, and ensure that let you become the focus of admiration of the office of the men and women.

Light blue plaid shirt, twill bow Bowtie

The rules are lined with plaid shirts, which many office workers are afraid to touch. In fact, you don't have to worry too much about the color and arrangement. A checkered shirt with a contrasting twill bow Bowtie, showing your unique and unique vision, is sure to be enjoyed by confident men.

9. A thousand bird plaid shirt, twill bow Bowtie

Thin plover case grain is the first choice of restoring ancient ways, while young vibrant colors create a lively sense of plover case, Bowtie-in a twill Bowtie fastens with color, does not appear too exaggerated, instead more show vitality.

10. Blue plaid shirt, twill bow Bowtie

Small and rules of the plaid collocation of pale blue color shirt with relatively simple but elegant twill Bowtie, produce a kind of harmonious temperament, is a status, one of the men may refer to the collocation of whole elegant and not lose the gentleman demeanor.