Siming Tie - Small Knowledge And Details Of Men's Leisure Ties
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Leisure tie, as an ancient traditional product, has always been annotated as an honorable position. A delicate and soft tie is the classic decoration of every male. So men should learn the little knowledge and wear details of men's ties.

The color of leisure tie

The colors of leisure tie are the only place where men can change and reflect their personality. Therefore, the choice of colors of leisure tie is very important, and the personality characteristics are very obvious. Everyone has their own preferences and preferences. Here I will only introduce the basic principles.

From the color point of view, casual tie has monochromatic and multicolored points. Monochromatic tie is suitable for official activities and grand social occasions, and blue, gray, black, brown, white, purple red is the most popular. Multi colored casual ties should not be more than three colors, and can be used for various occasions. Ties with too bright colors are not widely used, and only in informal social and leisure time can they be used without criticism.

If it is a pattern of leisure tie, used in formal occasions, the pattern should be regular, traditional, the most common are slant, horizontal, vertical, dots, squares and regular flowers, they have a certain meaning. Leisure ties printed with characters, animals, plants, flowers, houses, landscapes, strange and mysterious patterns are only suitable for informal occasions. Ties with advertisements, group identities and family emblem should not be used indiscriminately.

The students who have just entered the enterprise are seldom in charge. Most of them are the employees or assistants at the bottom of the enterprise. They should not be publicized. They should not let the whole company see that you are wearing an eye-catching tie and are more elegant than your boss. Therefore, dressing low-key is the basic principle to follow, because the work should not be distinguished by wearing, but by their own work performance. So the choice of tie should be careful, try not to choose big red, bright yellow or silver white, but rather choose a relatively dark color, such as blue, black. If you want Zhang Xian to have some youthful colors, pink is also a good choice.

In addition, pattern matching is quite exquisite, such as wearing a striped shirt with striped tie, wearing a pure color shirt with the best pattern tie and so on.





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