Silk Necktie Make You Mature And Make You Confident
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Silk Necktie make you mature and make you confident

The surface exquisite and delicate jacquard design, long and slender design style, soft and vertical feel, is the characteristic of Silk Necktie. Silk Necktie woven from silk is also good for uv absorption. Silk is known as "human protein", it is a kind of porous fiber, so it has good thermal insulation, moisture absorption, loose moisture and air permeability, it has certain protective effect on the skin. Silk Necktie is healthy and comfortable, high quality, it is the first choice of your business life, not only can adorn your delicate dressing, more can add the lasting beautiful color to your life.

Identification of Silk Necktie

First hand touch, Silk Necktie with hand feel; And some Silk Necktie are not as soft as you might think, and this can't be unified, depending on the density of the texture and the pre-treatment process.

If it's synthetic, it doesn't feel like a hand. Rayon is spinning weaving smooth soft, but not crisp, of course I want to watch the lining, he some parts manufacturers in the factory will be in line with more hard silk or other materials, then tie the touch will be more hard. But that doesn't mean it must be pure silk.

Pinch the middle part of the Silk Necktie with your hand and then let it go.

In fact, the easiest and most reliable way to identify a Silk Necktie is to burn it

(1) to light the fabric, remove the fabric from the source, and the ashes become black, and the smell of animal hair is like the smell of burning hair, which is almost pure silk.

(2) when the ashes are twisted by hand, they should be easily crushed. If there are hard particles in the black powder, there are chemical fibers in the fabric.

(3) if it is a white hard block, it is made of 100% synthetic fabric.

(4) if the lighting, fabric began to large area burn and soon, take away the fire continues to burn quickly, that is polyester Silk Necktie, part of the very hard and after combustion can glance, the smell of burning plastic.

Do you know what the benefits of silk are to the human body? Pure silk, we are familiar with, can only known material is good, but don't know where is better, the following is to send tie shengzhou jin co., LTD. Tell me about the benefits of pure silk. Silk, belongs to the protein fiber, silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids beneficial to human body, helps to maintain the metabolism of lipid membrane on the surface of the skin, it can help keep your skin moist and smooth. Silk is very helpful to people's health.

Silk can protect people's skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays. The white silk that the silkworm comes out, will gradually turn yellow in the ultraviolet light, the reason is silk absorbs the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight. Medical common sense everyone knows, too much ultraviolet radiation is extremely harmful to human skin, so use silk fiber to ultraviolet ray absorption performance can achieve the purpose that defend ultraviolet ray.

In addition, it also has adjuvant therapy for certain skin diseases. Medical workers according to the need of human body each place, and made a variety of silk fabrics, choose 30 patients treated with skin itching, the results show that using pure Silk Necktie can receive better curative effect, without having to use drugs for external use only. Long-term bedridden disease bedsore later in life, if use silk sheets and silk underwear, silk dress with department again, can absorb moisture to evaporate and promote its effect, can keep the plot affected part, accelerate wound healing.

Not surprisingly, Silk Necktie are not only comfortable, but also have good health care.