Silk Necktie Long And Wide Knowledge Learn More Narrow Version Of Casual Silk Necktie Selection To Be Careful
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Silk Necktie Long and Wide Knowledge Learn more narrow version of casual Silk Necktie selection to be careful
A straight suit, the business gentleman's most eye-catching match is also a casual Silk Necktie. Partial business casual gray suits can be equipped with gray, green, yellow and brick casual Silk Necktie, of course, this color casual Silk Necktie with a light shirt with the most appropriate. Classic black suit with the most white is the main light-colored shirt, with gray, blue, green and other casual Silk Necktie more capable.
In the more serious business occasions, leisure Silk Necktie material is very particular about, because everyone in the color and pattern selection and not much play space, the most able to highlight the quality or material.
Silk casual Silk Necktie color, but not publicity, but also highlights the low-key luxury temperament. Such as the season Kiton silk Silk Necktie with the British heavy silk, with a more soft and comfortable touch. In the summer, but also choose linen material casual Silk Necktie, this material casual Silk Necktie with good heat resistance, but also with natural texture.
Silk Necktie has always been a good partner for men in the workplace, not the same Silk Necktie style to show their different attitudes. Then the pattern on the Silk Necktie you know what the meaning of it? Different patterns of Silk Necktie should be how to match shirt suit? Come and learn so as to avoid any jokes.
Understand the basic meaning of the Silk Necktie pattern, then with the shirt when the suit even more handy. The most important thing is with the shirt on the issue, we must pay attention to:
The same type of pattern do not match together, the grid pattern of the suit do not go with a plaid shirt and Silk Necktie;
Dark lattice pattern suit to match plain or stripes, pattern shirt and Silk Necktie, so very coordinated;
Lattice pattern shirt with twill Silk Necktie, straight striped shirt to match the pattern of Silk Neckties, although this is a straight line, but there will be a change in the direction of the lines will not look dull monotonous;
Remember, if the shirt is a dark lattice pattern, with a pattern of Silk Necktie, because the dark lattice here can be treated as plain;
Pattern is printed or flower-shaped Silk Necktie, preferably with a plain shirt, if it is with a grid or line of the shirt, always gives a dazzling feeling.
The above is the Silk Necktie on the pattern contains the meaning and the different patterns of Silk Necktie with what kind of shirt and suit the guide. If you need to customize the high-end Silk Necktie or on behalf of their own corporate image of the Silk Necktie custom, but also welcome everyone to Silk Necktie advice.
Many people pick casual Silk Necktie when carefully selected, pick the shirt when also preoccupied, often this color is too old, that color is too bright not suitable for me, but after the East pick pick, casual Silk Necktie and shirt on the chaos A pass, how to see how strange! Quickly fire with your colleagues in the office, or with you in the meeting partners to confirm that you will find that more than half of people seem to just pick a shirt, and then readily take a casual Silk Necktie to go out The same, in order to show their own fashion taste, here together to learn, casual Silk Necktie and shirt arrangement combination.
If you want to wear today is a light blue shirt, the proposed choice of casual Silk Necktie color there are several, the first is the dark blue casual Silk Necktie Hello! Whether it is Poka dot blue and white casual Silk Necktie, or woolen texture of the navy blue casual Silk Necktie are very texture is also very popular Silk Necktie selection.
In addition the contrasting color of the mustard yellow and dark red casual Silk Necktie and blue shirt is also very co-ordination, just to remember a big principle, casual Silk Necktie color must be deeper than the shirt, even the red and yellow casual Silk Necktie, but also to Mainly in dark lines. In addition, the dark green casual Silk Necktie with blue shirt is also very good with, eye is also high, suitable for want to show a strong fashion sense of men use, but attention is also dark green or dark green tone, Pick a bright green out like a show field host.