Silk Necktie Different Styles
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Silk Necktie different styles
Morphological characteristics from the Silk Necktie point of view, usually the following:
1, arrow-type Silk Necktie, Silk Necktie is the most basic style, the Department of the most common users. Generally made with silk cut, lined with wool lining, it seems flexible, not easy to wrinkle. Because the size of the Silk Necktie at both ends of the head are triangular arrow-shaped, so called the arrow-type Silk Necktie. In the pattern of printing, weaving two, the use of the largest in the type of Silk Necktie.
2, flat head type Silk Necktie, is a Silk Necktie a style change. Modeling than the arrow-type silk neckline slightly shorter and narrow, mostly in plain or jacquard knitted fabric directly woven into, because the two ends of the Silk Necktie was flat, so that flat head type Silk Necktie. 3, oblique head Silk Necktie, silk shirt is a style change, and flat head Silk Necktie as conventional Silk Necktie slightly shorter and narrow, mostly for women's Silk Necktie, the slope is generally 60 degrees or more.
3, wire ring Silk Necktie, also known as silk rope Silk Necktie. The structure is relatively simple, with a color of the rope, wrapped around the collar, string in front of the middle of the metal jacket, the mouth is more refined production, the above decorative pattern. Threaded Silk Necktie is simple and convenient, it is easy to use after the lively.
4, ribbon tie knot, also known as Western-style Silk Necktie. With black or purple ribbon in front of the collar in the middle of a tie with a bow as a decoration.
5, wide Silk Necktie, known as ASCOT Silk Necktie abroad, is one of the Silk Necktie style. Use without knot, and the way the same scarf. In Europe and the United States was originally used in the wedding ceremony, the groom as a daytime official dress with supporting the use. But printed with the pattern does not belong to the scope of supporting the use of dress, but the young people as a dress to pay attention to a reflection.
6, flaky Silk Necktie, is a traditional Silk Necktie a style, nowadays few people have used, with two layers of silk stitched together, shorter, when the Department of the two heads overlap, the middle with a Silk Necktie pin fixed , Color to black-based.
7, towel-like Silk Necktie, is a traditional Silk Necktie style. Its form and style and our young team with the red scarf similar to the use of silk made.
8, wing-like Silk Necktie, referred to as bow tie, also known as bowknot. Generally divided into two categories, small collar flowers and bowknot. Small collar flower is mainly used for wearing a dress, black and white, white-collar flowers only with wearing a tuxedo; small black flower is used to wear a small dress and dress variants. Bow is a small collar flowers from the development, compared to spend large, after the formation of only like wings to fly butterflies, hence the name. With black, purple and other silk production, general and dress matching.
Silk Necktie too tight, will oppress the carotid artery and nerves, hinder the body's normal blood circulation, resulting in cerebral ischemia, hypoxia, resulting in limited supply of normal nutrition, involving the optic nerve and oculomotor nerve, which appeared swelling of the eyes, See something fuzzy and other symptoms. In particular, some of the office staff engaged in the work of the copy, due to bow to work, the Silk Necktie is relatively more tight, the rise of eye swelling symptoms have eased, as long as a slight release of the Silk Necktie, the symptoms will naturally disappear.
Some medical statistics show that most of the men who tie Silk Neckties, because the Silk Necktie system was too tight, leading to eye fatigue symptoms. Like Mr. Lee is a typical Silk Necktie too tight lead to eye fatigue symptoms, if long-term symptoms, it may lead to myopia and so on. To this end, the ophthalmologist warned people, often the Department of Silk Necktie, careful not to tie the Silk Necktie too tight, so that the neck has a proper degree of freedom, so that can effectively protect the eyes.