Silk Bowtie In The Men Play The Role
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Silk Bowtie in the men play the role
        Silk Bowtie itself in the men play a decorative role, although it can be alone, become the only embellishment of the suit shirt, but sometimes men have chosen to add some material on it, said it is beautiful, used to fix the tie , Knot pin and tie the bar these seemingly trim dress, often some men's mind is good. In the case of
Can be used to the body of the body of the decorations had little patency, silk Bowtie called the large pieces, and in the history of men in the history of quite impressive, the first can be traced back to the 17th century, and suits the same fortune in uniform. Such an important ornament, play the role of natural can not be ignored, so to speak, a taste elegant, fine texture of the silk Bowtie, enough men to deal with the basic suit shape. However, even if most men are willing to meet the basic shape, but there are always a few small children fashionable "unstable" elements, like playing with cufflinks, pocket towel, bow knuckles and so on these "gadgets" With the decoration and excellence, relentless pursuit. So, whether it is because of the smug, or in order to let the position of the Bowtie placed more stable and beautiful, Bowtie, knot pin and tie rod, these seemingly some extra, added to the decorations on the small objects will come into being. In fact, as long as the embellishment properly, "superfluous" can produce the finishing touch of the effect.
Bowtie accessories are also practical
Indeed, usually do not need to use any accessories to wear silk Bowtie, and even some people feel that walking when the Bowtie, will make men look more graceful, but sometimes this casual "dancing" will be troubled by your work or action On the Bowtie accessories debut. It can also be said that the basic role of Bowtie accessories is a fixed Bowtie, followed by decorative. Common silk Bowtie accessories knot clip, tie pin, Bowtie, the location of the decoration is different, but definitely not debut at the same time, one can only use one of the fixed to your Bowtie. The choice of these accessories also have a certain stress, usually should consider the metal texture, and to plain is better, shape and pattern should be elegant, simple, so only with the suit shape complement each other.
This way of wearing a suit in the suit is not suitable for the rules, but if you are concave shape and another matter.
Bowtie clip is fixed on the shirt tie, it was only used to hold the Bowtie, let it with the silk tie kneeling the wind, this move completely wrong. Wear the correct position of the knot clip in the shirt from top to bottom between the fourth and fifth buttons, the suit after the suit jacket buttons should be avoided.
The knot needles are common in the dress of the morning dress.
Bowtie knot needle is the general knot on the shirt, and play a certain decorative and modeling role. One end of the Bowtie needle pattern, should be in the Bowtie, the other end of the fine chain, it should be hidden in the back of the Bowtie, to avoid exposure. Use, should be in the shirt from the top down the third button at the end of the Bowtie, wearing a silk Bowtie can be slightly upward arch, so that the Bowtie looks more full and beautiful shape.
The knot stick is now often used by the designer as a chic decoration on a shirt Bowtie.
The Bowtie is often used in conjunction with the Bowtie shirt, wear through the shirt Bowtie on the buttonhole and Bowtie, and the general knot fixed at the shirt Bowtie. Appropriate use of tie rods, will make the Bowtie in the formal occasions seem elegant, but also reduce the trouble.
  The silk Bowtie is made of a fragile fabric. If the ink, coffee or juice and other dirty silk tie, those stains are difficult to clean off, many times they will stay in the silk Bowtie. Even if you can wash away those stains, the cleaning process will damage the silk tie, affecting its appearance, this situation is particularly evident in the silk Bowtie, so at the beginning should be careful to protect the silk tie, to avoid the juice and so on.
If you are lucky enough to smear the silk Bowtie, you can use paper towels or handkerchiefs according to the stain, the juice dry. Remember that you can not smear those stains, because it will expand the scope of smudges. You can try to use a wet towel to wipe the stains to see if you can remove it, then you can use a hair dryer to dry the towel wet place. Note that the hair dryer can not be too close to the silk tie, because the high temperature will damage the fabric.