Pick The Silk Necktie Need To Pay Attention To The Problem
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Pick the Silk Necktie need to pay attention to the problem
Whether you are often removed from the workplace, or to attend the banquet, Silk Necktie is one of the essential jewelry for men, for many first purchase of Silk Neckties, or ready to send male friends Silk Necktie, in the selection of Silk Neckties often Very confused, do not know how to pick a suit for each other or their own Silk Necktie. Select the Silk Necktie need to bear in mind the note below, then you will reduce a lot of trouble.
1, not to age as a reference standard
From the perspective of buying clothes, many people's inertia thinking is a Silk Necktie also distinguish between age, in fact, the current situation, more elderly people may even more than the young people, so the trend and the other Preferences are one of the basis of reference.
2, do not be afraid of Silk Necktie pattern is too fancy
With the development of international culture and the development of the Internet, the trend is changing every day, everyone's aesthetic is also rising, the recent Silk Neckties are more emphasis on artistic sense, decorative and artistic are relatively strong, so when the selection of Silk Necktie In the suit and shirt on the next look at the effect, rather than directly to avoid.
3, do not give up the right to touch the Silk Necktie
A lot of people to buy things just look at the passing, the selection of Silk Neckties sometimes not only through the visual, but also need to feel to feel the texture of Silk Neckties, good Silk Necktie is not just the pattern of color attractive, high-quality Silk Neckties Through the hand to touch, perhaps you can instantly find that favorite Silk Necktie.
4, do not ignore the Silk Necktie production process
Silk Necktie is good, nothing more than the pattern of color, material and technology, the front has been mentioned, then the process naturally can not be less. Test method is to pull the wide edge of the Silk Necktie in the hands of a period of time after the release, and then gently pull to see if the Silk Necktie is quickly restored flat, and no creases.
5, do not ignore the seasonal factors
Silk Necktie is not monotonous, with the same clothes also season. According to the upcoming season to choose the Silk Necktie fabric, the general summer recommended silk screen silk screen selection, spring and autumn suitable for the choice of yarn-dyed fabric Silk Necktie.
6, do not have been tied to the style of Silk Neckties
Whether it is dressing or Silk Necktie selection, we must be old and new, brave to accept and pass the message of fashion, so that not only to show the other side of their own, but also to allow others to admire their own.
After all, the Silk Necktie is tied to the neck, and if the Silk Necktie is too tight, then the probability of suffering from glaucoma will be particularly large. According to the German medical department's study shows that 40 men with Silk Necktie 3 minutes later, most people's eye pressure increased by 20%, this is because the Silk Necktie tightened in the neck and Adam's apple this position, suppress the neck vein, Affect the circulation of blood, the impact of eye blood supply.
Because the neck vein is oppressed, will make more blood gathered in the eye, causing great pressure to the eyes, so long, the eye must receive damage caused by glaucoma and a series of eye disease burst. So it is recommended that the Department of Silk Necktie, especially the neck of the older men's girdle, when the Department of Silk Necktie must not be too tight, Silk Necktie itself is to show the charm of jewelry, do not let him transformed into a harm to our health Hidden danger.