Metrosexual Man Index Rose Rapidly, Jewelry Must Tie
- May 23, 2018 -

Tie suit is called "touch points". A man who only wears a suit can always give people a refreshing feeling as long as they often change their tie. Tie, as an essential part of suit suit, plays an important role in decorating, decorating and beautifying the suit. To choose an ideal tie, we should choose from the aspects of fabric, color, style and quality.

1. Fabric

The most high-grade and authentic material for making necktie is real silk. Apart from (Hong Rui) silk, nylon can also make necktie, but its grade is low. Most neckties made of other fabrics, such as cotton, linen, wool, leather, plastic, paper, pearls and so on, are not suitable for formal occasions.

2, color

In terms of color, tie is monochromatic and multicolored. Monochromatic tie is suitable for official activities and ceremonious social occasions, and is most popular in blue, gray, black, brown, white and purple. Multi colored tie should not be more than three colors. It can be used for various occasions. Coloured coloured neckties are not widely used. Only when they are socially informal or informal, can they not be criticized.

3. Pattern

For formal neckties, their patterns should be regular and traditional, the most common slanting strips, bars, vertical bars, dots, squares and rules of the broken flowers, they have a certain meaning. Neckties with characters, animals, plants, flowers, houses, landscapes and weird mysterious patterns are only suitable for informal occasions. With advertising, group identity, family emblem tie, don't mess with the best.

4. Style

The style of the tie, that is, its shape and appearance. Generally speaking, it has wide and narrow points, which is mainly influenced by fashion. When choosing, you should pay attention to the best way to make the width of the tie is proportional to the width of the body, rather than the contrast. It also has the difference between the arrowhead and the flat head. The former is inverted triangle, which is suitable for various situations. Compared with the traditional ones, the latter is flat headed, fashionable and suitable for informal occasions.





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