Men's Necktie Shirt With What Skills
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Men's Necktie shirt with what skills
In daily life, the Necktie is often used with a shirt, the relationship between the two is like a fish and water, the shirt determines the overall tone, and the Necktie can finishing touch, so the match is particularly important, the following for everyone To Necktie a shirt with a small skill:
1, the basic configuration of shirts and Neckties
Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buckle shirt. In the Necktie, at least one pure blue or Burgundy wine red Necktie for daytime use, there should be a silk weaving Necktie or pure black Necktie to prepare for the official dinner in the lead for the use of flowers.
2, starting from the Necktie
The Necktie is always the leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of the clothing. Generally speaking, we should first focus on the Necktie and suit jacket with the match. To pay more attention to the point of view, the color of the shirt should be the basic color of the Necktie.
3, then choose the shirt
Once to determine the Necktie and shirt with the choice of shirt is the hand to the capture of the. Often, the color of the shirt should match one of the secondary colors on the Necktie. Patterns In general, the pattern on the Necktie should be more prominent than on the shirt. Sometimes, you can choose the pattern is very clear shirt and Necktie. But do not let the pattern on the shirt press on the Necktie.
4, classic match
Eternal fashion with a white or light blue shirt with a single color or a bright pattern of the Necktie. It is never match, and suitable for any occasion.
5, feeling
In the clothing with the Road, simply forever to please. If you choose the Necktie of their own taste is not so confident, do not attempt to unconventional. To know that most men do not feel like the pattern of the pattern. Not only that, you never know that your "different" taste may cause someone's resentment. Shirt and Necktie with a certain extent also reflects the sophistication of your life.
6, coordination
With clothing, you should take into account every detail. Shirts, Neckties, suits and everything else. Everything should have a certain relationship with the other. It is like the relationship between the two sides of the partners, there is no exchange, there is no harmony.
Know the Necktie shirt with the skills, you can come to the Necktie to buy a style, the price is in line with your mind business Necktie or casual Necktie, it is important that I Division is a professional Necktie manufacturer, from work to after sale have a special Responsible, is your choice!
Necktie in the chest position, always accidentally stained with some stains, and the Necktie is not the same as ordinary clothing can be thrown into the washing machine casually wash, most people will be handed over to the dry cleaners to clean. The following for everyone to bring their own home cleaning Necktie and ironing the Necktie method.
Because the Necktie fabric and lining material is different, it is easy to wrinkle after washing, and easy to damage the Necktie surface gloss, so here we do not advocate the use of washing, it is recommended that you dry cleaning.
Necktie ironing method:
1, regardless of your Necktie is silk or other material Ye Hao, should not use high-temperature ironing, or Necktie will become very flat, missing the Necktie's own natural drape, which is why not recommend you to dry and use The reason for ironing.
2, ironing the Necktie remember to cover the surface of the first layer of cotton cloth, to avoid the iron and Necktie the surface of the direct contact.
3, the Necktie shape cardboard into the Necktie lining, with iron gently iron, to prevent the Necktie side of the iron too dead.
4, ironing process to use low temperature, ironing speed to prevent the emergence of some parts of the phenomenon of yellowing.