How To Use Necktie Accessories Correctly
- Oct 17, 2017 -

How to use Necktie accessories correctly
When we contact the Necktie, we will always understand some of the Necktie accessories accessories, Necktie accessories with a good, will make the overall effect with the upgrade, for their own decorative play icing on the cake. If used improperly, sometimes it will be very funny, laughing generous, so let us learn about the following Necktie a variety of accessories use it
Necktie clips
1. Necktie clip, mainly used to fix the Necktie on the shirt, so can not only use its sandwich Necktie, or be caught in the shirt collar. Use the correct position of the Necktie clip in the shirt from the top down to the fourth and fifth buttons. It is best not to let it in the suit after the jacket button exposed. If the folder was too much up, or even caught in the chicken heart sweater or suit vest collar opening, is very rustic.
Necktie pin
2. Necktie pin, mainly used to Necktie the Necktie on the shirt, and play a certain decorative role. One end of the pattern, should be in the Necktie, the other end of the fine chain, it should be free from exposure. Use it, it should be in the shirt from the top down the third button at the center of the Necktie. Its pattern side, should be seen for outsiders. But should pay attention, do not put the Necktie pin when the needle used.
Necktie Necktie
3. Necktie rods, mainly used to wear buckle collar shirt, through the Necktie, and fixed in the shirt collar. The use of Necktie bars, if the law will make the Necktie in the formal occasions seem elegant, but also reduce the trouble.
In short, the use of Necktie accessories, would rather not use, do not indiscriminate use. As a Necktie assistant, a variety of accessories should also be selected after consideration and use, after all, with the overall is also very important.
In daily life, the Necktie is often used with a shirt, the relationship between the two is like a fish and water, the shirt determines the overall tone, and the Necktie can finishing touch, so the match is particularly important, the following for everyone To Necktie a shirt with a small skill:
1, the basic configuration of shirts and Neckties
Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buckle shirt. In the Necktie, at least one pure blue or Burgundy wine red Necktie for the day to use, there should be a silk woven flower Necktie or pure black Necktie to participate in the official dinner for the use of collar flowers.
2, starting from the Necktie
The Necktie is always the leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of the clothing. Generally speaking, we should first focus on the Necktie and suit jacket with the match. To pay more attention to the point of view, the color of the coat should be the basis of color Necktie.
3, then select the shirt
Once to determine the Necktie and shirt with the choice of shirt is the hand to the capture of the. Usually, the color of the shirt should match one of the secondary colors on the Necktie. Patterns In general, the pattern on the Necktie should be more conspicuous than the shirt. Sometimes, you can choose the pattern is very clear shirt and Necktie. But do not let the pattern on the shirt press on the Necktie.
4, classic match
Eternal fashion with a white or light blue shirt with a single color or a bright pattern of the Necktie. It is never match, and suitable for any occasion.
5, feeling
In the clothing with the Road, simply forever to please. If you choose the Necktie of their own taste is not so confident, do not attempt to unconventional. You know, most men do not feel like the pattern. Not only that, you never know that your "distinctive" taste may cause someone's resentment. Shirt and Necktie with a certain extent also reflects the sophistication of your life.