How To Choose A Necktie In Summer
- Aug 24, 2017 -

How to choose a Necktie in summer
  Marriage for everyone is also a lifetime, so all the preparatory work must be done enough, not sloppy. Necktie with the color is particularly important, between the different colors with the beautiful match. Let the Necktie teach you how to choose in the summer more in line with the groom temperament of the Necktie, so that Necktie to become a dress with the soul!
Necktie Color:
  Regular Necktie color can be divided into light color, dark or bright color, dark and dark, and so on. Necktie color can choose a little high tone of the saturated color, such as red and blue.
Silk Fabric:
  In the silk, polyester, blended, wool, cotton and other common Necktie fabric, silk Necktie is undoubtedly the most suitable choice for the wedding Necktie. Necktie structure is divided into face, lining, lining 3 parts, face and lining the most important. Good lining, in the choice of time should also pay great attention.
With the continuous development of Necktie production technology, silk Necktie and polyester yarn Necktie production and processing technology is also rising, a lot of fabric material can not hand touch or naked eye to see the distinction. So the general distinction between silk and polyester material is a burning method. You can Necktie a small head in the Necktie inside the dash out a little fabric to burn with a lighter can be clear, after burning into a lump is the polyester, the powder is strong silk, and this is relatively simple to detect the very common use of the method The
Summer and Necktie must be incompatible? In the hot summer heat, the gentleman to be debut must be hot, if coupled with the Necktie, in the hot days when it will really complain. But in the summer we will inevitably encounter Necktie moment, as long as the choice of appropriate, gentleman's summer to choose a suitable Necktie can also give a fresh and refreshing feeling. The following is the Necktie manufacturers to launch the summer new Necktie
Nowadays, although many men's wardrobe Necktie and many, but with the suit, but for how to match the shirt and Necktie and a big headache. In fact, with a shirt shirt, as long as the master of the following tips, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble for you.
Skill one: the same type of pattern do not match
  Skill two: Necktie and coat color the same color, different patterns with the law
  Skills three: Necktie and shirt color with the same color, different patterns with the law
  Skill four: the color of the Necktie, the pattern is completely different from the shirt and jacket, the formation of contrast with the law is two anti-traditional collocation method.
  Necktie company will launch a new Necktie from time to time for customers to choose, do the product quality and details.
Dyed Necktie: Design or want to come out of the pattern to have a certain regularity, according to the design of the pattern for the fabric loom on the flower version.
  Print Necktie: pattern no specific provisions, as long as you can come up with it, it can be printed up, printing must first do the film, which is commonly referred to as the film, and then made of flower version.
Necktie highlights a character that reflects the personality of men's accessories. Men in the pursuit of dress with the Necktie can be described as an important manifestation of its taste. Necktie manufacturers focus on men's accessories customization, the following let Xiaobian to introduce you to several different types of Necktie:
   Solid color Necktie: In fact, solid color Necktie is usually used by employees of the Necktie, fashion, clean, harmonious, office workers are common Necktie.
Striped Necktie: This Necktie is actually stripes size and color have many variants, black background style bright, meaning clear.
Grid Necktie: This Necktie is not appropriate to participate in solemn formal negotiations, but can be more casual occasions to wear.。