How Much Do You Know About Silk Necktie?
- Jul 22, 2017 -

How much do you know about Silk Necktie?

I must have mentioned the Silk Necktie, you can say that nobody knows, but how many people know about Silk Necktie? How much do you know?

1. The kinds of Silk Necktie,
Silk Necktie varieties can be divided into belt color Silk Necktie. Printed Silk Necktie. Jacquard Silk Necktie and woven Silk Necktie. In addition, hand-painted Silk Necktie and embroidered Silk Necktie is regarded as treasures.

2. Style of Silk Necktie:

Is mainly the change of the width. The width of the commonly used for 8-9 cm, most can be up to 12 cm wide, only 5 to 7 cm, narrow in our country, male
Silk Necktie is 8-8.5 cm, the width of the female lead for 7 to 8 cm, with this kind of change often suit changes the width of the collar and the collar of your shirt, suit and shirt collar width, the width of the Silk Necktie has been widened.

The patterns of Silk Necktie are various, but the common ones can be summarized into five categories.

Diagonal class: the pattern of the pattern is shown to the left and right, with the spacing of 0.5-1 inch diagonal, the traditional
Silk Necktie pattern, serious and dignified, often used in formal occasions.

Su material implementation class: its characteristic is vegetable unspent, only dew fabric color, if with blue. Green color of a monochrome suit, have a solemn and dignified feeling, suitable for the accessories of suit style uniform.

Spatial pattern: it has diffuse pattern. It has a blank space around it, suitable for outing or visiting friends.

Plate pattern: this Silk Necktie is very much like a folded turban. Although it has wide applicability, it is not enough to be dull.

Pezley: pezley is a famous city in Scotland whose product patterns have local characteristics, and the patterns of flowers are more swirling and festive.

The choice of Silk Necktie:

When choosing Silk Necktie to note with the suit. The color of the shirt to match, the Silk Necktie. Constitute the stereo sense is strong suit suit and shirt. Some critics cite four basic dress color matching method, according to the order of the Silk Necktie shirt suits as:

1. Strong. Light blue suit, blue shirt and blue Silk Necktie, quiet and elegant, showing a person's calm and steady temperament.

2.... In contrast to the above, in a dark suit as the center, to light color belt, by shallow both layers, and rhythm, such as brown Silk Necktie. Shows the temperament of a person's calm steady, tan Silk Necktie, brown shirt, maroon suit, one integrated mass, thick and simple.

3. Light. Thick. Light. On a dark shirt, with light color Silk Necktie and suit light color photograph echo, called the "sandwich" abroad, language is humorous, but vividly illustrates the color characteristics of "two shallow clip a deep".

4. Strong. Weak. Strong. Such as GanSe muddy blue (purple) suit, with thick purple
Silk Necktie, and contrasts with the gray shirt, China and not float, is graceful, the commonly used color is middle-aged.

As we all know, Silk Necktie with different colors have different visual effects, so let's look at them.

1. White shirt, dark blue plaid

Simple white shirt is the first choice for men wearing, deserve to go up a square pattern Silk Necktie, the overall wouldn't appear drab, and through the Silk Necktie design collocation of change, even a plain white shirt, also can have different visual effect.

Gray shirt and square grey Silk Necktie

The neutral tone of grey is one of the corners of the male shirt, and it can show your professionalism through the color of the middle. With a Silk Necktie with squares, you can create a rich look in simple.

3. Water blue shirt, twill Silk Necktie

Blue shirt is the style that many men fall in love with, through the more gentle treatment of color, a light blue comfortable tonal, disintegrate a lot of serious atmosphere; With a twill Silk Necktie with a color tie, simply can express the principle of the supremacy of taste.

4. Brown shirt and square grey Silk Necktie

Coffee of the color of the earth tone is quite popular in recent years, through the same and tonal collocation Silk Necktie, relaxed due fashion attitude, men show very different from other people's taste.





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