How Do You Wash And Maintain Polyester Bowtie
- Jul 22, 2017 -

How do you wash and maintain Polyester Bowtie

1. Washing method:
Due to different Polyester Bowtie fabrics and lining material, after washing is very easy to wrinkle, also easy to damage of the surface gloss of tie, must not tie the whole article into the water washing, had better use dry cleaning. A tie knot is easy to stain with dirt and can be put into a bowl with gasoline to wash or scrub. Other places where there is dirt, use cloth to dip in gasoline to scrub can.
2. Washing raw materials:
Polyester Bowtie should be sent to the real dry cleaner for dry cleaning. If you must dry clean, wash the raw materials for high purity alcohol or no more than 120 colorless solvent gasoline.
3. Operation method:
Soak the Polyester Bowtie for about 10 minutes; Use a smooth, stingless stick to gently tap the tie. If the stain is too large, rub gently with your hands. After rinsed with water, hang up the hangers. After the solvent evaporates, if there is a lot of stains on the top of the tie, you can gently brush the water with soft brush.
4. Pressing:
When ironing, cardboard shape or cut ties with a piece of white paper folded into a tie, tie the stuffed lining part, gently pressing again, each side of the case will be pressed too dead, also can be ironed, need not huge but appropriate USES in the low temperature, ironing speed faster, lest appear yellow and "aurora" phenomenon. If the tie has a slight crease, wrap it tightly around a clean bottle and the wrinkles will disappear every other day.
5. Storage:
Polyester Bowtie should not be exposed in the sun, in case of yellow color. Keep your tie dry and don't let the mothballs stop. In the collection, it is best to iron first, to achieve the purpose of insecticide sterilization. The necktie is best to hang from the hangers and cover a cloth bag to prevent dust.
Maintenance method
1. After use, please untie the bow tie, and gently remove from the knot, avoiding the hard pull of the table cloth and the lining, so as to avoid the permanent buckling of the fibrous fracture.
2. Please tie the Polyester Bowtie to the fold or lift it with a tie at the end of each time, Polyester Bowtie and pay attention to whether it is smooth or not to scratch the tie.
Don't tie your tie to your seat belt when you are driving with your seat belt in order to avoid a crease.
Article 4. The same Polyester Bowtie after wearing a, please wear after every few days, and first placed tie in the damp places or spray a little water, make its buckling restorable after, again to dry flat or hanging sign.
When stained with dirt, Polyester Bowtie wash immediately, handle the folds of the knot and iron the cold iron at low temperature. Polyester Bowtie Wash and high temperature ironing is easy to cause distortion and damage.





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