How Do Fashion Necktie Originate And Match?
- Jun 27, 2017 -

How do Fashion Necktie originate and match?
The middle of the 17th century, the French have a minister in court, wearing a white scarf on BoLing, also played a beautiful tie in front, Louis xiv saw the praise, announced in public to bow tie as a sign of a noble, and ordered the upper-class people all want to wear this. Thus, Fashion Necktie originated in Europe.
As an ancient traditional product, Fashion Necktie has always been an annotation of exalted status. A delicate and delicate Fashion Necktie is a classic accessory for every man.
Scope of modern Fashion Necktie:
In today's social environment, the image of a man is the first step towards success. Gentle, steady and warm is the image requirement of civilized society for men. Fashion Necktie is a part of the men's clothing, which fully reflects the rich connotation of the Fashion Necktie as the costume jewelry, which makes the best image annotation for the unique and deep inner world of male soil. Therefore, fashionable tie after fashion trend of long test today, with the rapid development of human civilization and aesthetic fashion constantly updated, with its unique spirit and personality more and more popular with the men and praise highly.
Fashion Necktie recognition
The quality of fashionable tie quality is not determined by the style and brand, but the quality of the material and the exquisite workmanship.
There are three methods of material identification:
(1) identification of the relevant material marks: 100% SILK of woven SILK; SILK 100% SILK 100%; Emulation silk POLYESTERI00 100% %. Polyester 100% DACRON.
(2) the difference between the visual and the feeling of the hand: the silk is moist, soft and delicate. Imitation real silk: bright light, jump eye, feel very hard to scrape polyester and dull and heavy, feel rough.
(3) the thickness of the material is different: the silk is from 14 to 16 mmi; Silk and polyester are suitable for the hand.
Work carefully identified five points:
The standard Fashion Necktie is made up of three pieces, with a total length of 145cM, with an Angle of 45.
2. Surface smooth, clear and symmetrical, symmetrical;
3. Vertical center of the back joint;
4. The uniform degree of pattern of splicing place;
5. Consistency of the color difference of the entire short ribbon fabric.
Fashion Necktie selection
Common combinations are:
1. Black suit, with silver grey, blue or red and white striped Fashion Necktie, dignified and steady;
2. Dark blue wake, blue. Dark rose. Orange-yellow, brown Fashion Necktie, plain and simple, plain and elegant;
3. The ivory suit, with a rainbow or brown Fashion Necktie, looks very elegant and brilliant;
4. Medium grey suit, with a brick red. A fashionable tie with green and yellow tones.
5. The beige suit adopts navy blue and brown Fashion Necktie, which is more attractive and elegant
The style and features of Fashion Necktie:
Fashionable tie dozen common preparation phase: the fashionable tie big head in the right, small head at the left, big head, small head next, and with big head side length is about the proportion of small head end three times the length of the cross in the anterior portion.