High Quality Fashion Necktie Depends On What Factors?
- Aug 24, 2017 -

High quality Fashion Necktie depends on what factors?
      A high-quality Fashion Necktie, in the selection of materials should be carefully selected. Then a good Fashion Necktie is dependent on what factors?
      1. Fabrics, Fashion Necktie fabrics mainly include silk (silk) and polyester two. The cost of these two fabrics can be said to be very large, polyester and other low cost, and silk is pure natural materials, with easy deformation, wear elegant and other characteristics. So the Fashion Necktie fabric is very important, plays the main part.
      2. Fashion Necktie lining, lining is divided into two kinds, that is, polyester and silk. The same is the silk fabric, lining is also silk Fashion Necktie, the cost is higher than half of the fabric and lining are silk Fashion Necktie, also known as "double-sided silk Fashion Necktie."
      3. Interlining, we know that the thickness of the fabric is very small, and the texture of the Fashion Necktie, much of the lining from the lining of the feeling. Lining material is divided into polyester lining, wool lining two. Wool lining is divided into 30% hair, 50% hair, 70% hair, pure wool. The higher the amount of wool lining to do out of the Fashion Necktie is also more expensive. In addition. Lining is also divided into pull-lined and non-pull-lined lining, pull the hair than the cost of the lining is much higher than a large cut.
      4. Fabric tissue density, which is mainly for silk Fashion Necktie, the ordinary silk Fashion Necktie, especially the domestic small factory production of Fashion Neckties, fabrics are 960 knitting, the general market below 500 yuan Fashion Necktie are this Tissue density. And high-end Fashion Necktie fabrics are basically 1920 knit weaving, that is, the fabric of the organizational density to be doubled, so that the fabric feel to be more solid, feeling very very good texture, professional name is "high-density Fashion Necktie" Domestic production of high-density silk fabric Fashion Necktie very few, because the cost is much higher, the basic price of shopping malls are more than 1,000 yuan.
      5. Production process is also very important. Fashion Necktie fabric, lining, lining the same circumstances, the different costs of sewing the same process there will be no small gap.
 Many people think that men wear Fashion Necktie is an irresistible charm, but did not understand the Fashion Necktie in fact there is such a role ... ... what kind of role?
   Conventional, Fashion Necktie has a decorative effect, which is recognized around the world, but also the first purpose of playing Fashion Necktie. Second, the Fashion Necktie has a warm effect, hit the Fashion Necktie, the neck will soon be warm in many, in the winter, Fashion Necktie even more indispensable ah. In addition, men will note that if one day, the collar of the shirt collar off, a time how to do, men will not needle and thread. This time a Fashion Necktie will be able to become a perfect defect. Fashion Necktie to the top of a line, basically seamless. But also increase the charm of men. Fashion Necktie can also be used as a lady to express the gift of mind. Now very fashionable this, the girls buy a Fashion Necktie to the boyfriend, the United States called: tied the boy's heart. In fact, take the root of the bar tied to the boy's neck, you give me a lifetime of cattle do it.
   Finally, many people have not noticed, in fact, the use of Fashion Necktie more humane. Such as one day to go out forget to bring paper towels, and wipe with a Fashion Necktie. Such as with the female ticket to the park stroll stroll, tired to sit stone bench, easily with a Fashion Necktie rejection rejection, what are clean.
   Now know the fashionable use of the tie it, hurry to Yili clothing Fashion Necktie custom a "universal" Fashion Necktie it!