Four Kinds Of Practical Silk Necktie With Skills
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Four kinds of practical Silk Necktie with skills
Nowadays, although many men's wardrobe silk shirt and many, but with a suit, but for how to match shirt and Silk Necktie and a big headache. In fact, with a Silk Necktie shirt, as long as the master of the following tips, you can save a lot of unnecessary trouble for you.
Skill one: the same type of pattern do not match
  Skill two: Silk Necktie and coat color the same color, different patterns with the law
  Skills three: Silk Necktie and shirt color with the same color, different patterns with the law
  Skill four: Silk Necktie color, pattern completely different with the shirt and jacket, the formation of contrast with the law is two anti-traditional collocation method.
  Show and Silk Necktie company will occasionally introduce new Silk Necktie for customers to choose, do the product quality and details.
 For many of today's white-collar workers in terms of time to work is to play Silk Neckties, many people choose Silk Necktie when they do not know how to choose, then let show and Silk Necktie factory to introduce you to yarn-dyed, printed Silk Necktie distinction.
Tattoo Silk Necktie: design or want to come out of the pattern to have a certain regularity, according to the design of the pattern for the fabric loom on the flower version.
  Print Silk Necktie: no specific provisions of the pattern, as long as you can come up with it, it can be printed up, printing must first do the film, which is commonly referred to as the film, and then made into a version.
 Silk Necktie generally can be divided into yarn-dyed silk Silk Necktie, printed silk Silk Necktie, dyed polyester Silk Necktie, printed silk silk Silk Necktie (imitation silk). With the emergence of new products, there is also a part of the wool + silk, or 50% silk 50% silk silk Silk Necktie, but this type of fabric is no conventional fabric Silk Necktie. Those so-called South Korea silk is actually Polyester, this is only some domestic business name, in the export of this piece is 100% POLYESTER.