Fashion Necktie Wear Common Sense
- Jul 24, 2017 -

Fashion Necktie wear common sense
 Men in modern society is a family of hard work, in order to survive, in order to communicate, he must be in the social places to the crowd left an excellent first impression. Humorous and humorous conversation, elegant and generous behavior is a compulsory course for each social man, but it is not a perfect guarantee, because a series of Fashion Neckties may be quietly revealing your taste, your inner world.

Men also need color dress, but too much color will make men become too Yan; men also like the bright, but the bright and beautiful will make men lose masculine, so good color and beautiful men will be fashionable tie as the most out of color, The most prolific ornaments.

Fashion Necktie once appeared in the men's neck, it shows that can not cover up a color, that a change, that an elegant, in the blue, black, gray uniforms of the world dress, neck and bitter drops of color inadvertently The men of the voice of the men, the man on the colorful desire, so men in the square between the expansion of the infinite imagination, or wild, or elegant, or subtle and through a long Fashion Necktie to convey the rich inner world. Wise men like the grid pattern, because it is clear, gives a competent, intelligent feeling; romantic dot pattern on behalf of admiration, oblique pattern shows the men open and unrestrained free and easy. Red represents hot, loving and caring; blue represents subtle, elegant and tempting; black represents deep, steady and persistent. Therefore, men love for Fashion Neckties will be taken for granted and has a solid psychological basis.

          In general, the Fashion Necktie color and suit color must be consistent, in order to give a balanced sense of visual harmony. Plain shirt is easy and all kinds of Fashion Necktie with, but the blouse and striped shirt should be classified as casual shirt, so not suitable for playing Fashion Necktie.
          Fashion Necktie width and suit lapel consistent. At present to 10 centimeters wide for the popular. In terms of oriental height, the length of Fashion Necktie to 140-150 cm the most standard. Playing Fashion Necktie, the Fashion Necktie position just cover the top of the belt above the most suitable.
Fashion Necktie this is both eye-catching and can often change and not overly publicity of things, is becoming a social place men's grade business card, a watch, cigars, car after another identity symbol.

Fashion Necktie material is divided into the surface, the lining of the three parts to the surface and lining the most important, the upper Fashion Necktie is made of fine wool fabric lining, senior special silk jacquard cloth to do fabric. Fashion Necktie is 45 ° oblique wire cut, so you can avoid the tie when the ugly lock or fold. Therefore, the pros and cons of testing the Fashion Necktie, first of all to see if the tie is easy to play when the lock, and secondly, to see whether the cutting is oblique silk, (from the pattern to the Fashion Necktie with the sharp edges of parallel, you can see whether Cut, this stripe Fashion Necktie the most obvious), lining whether docile. Fashion Necktie patterns are roughly striped, monochrome, geometric, dotted graphics and the recent cartoon patterns. Thin body type suitable for thick and dense patterns. Medium body type, optional oblique embedded geometric shapes or geometric patterns of small flowers, giving a stable, balanced, elegant sense. Fashion Necktie length should be based on their own situation to choose the appropriate size, the general standard is finished Fashion Necktie, the bottom of the Fashion Necktie just on the belt buckle.

In addition, the face of the wide people should not wear slender Fashion Necktie, and the face should not choose a wide Fashion Necktie.

          In the purchase of Fashion Necktie, it should be noted that the pattern and color can be seasonal and to participate in the occasion to meet each other; of course, age, occupation, position, character must also be considered.

Fashion Necktie generally have three kinds of system: that is, summary, knot and knot.

Summary also called ordinary knot or simple knot, knot essentials: Fashion Necktie big head pressure head, around the small head around a circle after the big head through the circle tight. Big knot is also called "Windsor knot", is said to be the famous British Duke of Windsor invented the system, tied to the essentials: big head pressure head, first in the small side of the circle around, and then back to the bulk of the side around their own A circle, and then around the small head around a circle, so that the head through the circle tight. In the knot is also called "small windsa knot" or "half of Windsor knot", knot the size of the knot between the knot and the common knot, knot essentials: big head pressure small head, the first side of the big circle around the circle With a small head around a circle, and then let the big head through the circle tight. The common feature of the three kinds of methods is that the small head side does not move, the big head around the small head around, so when the opening is alive and not dead knot.

When the Department of Fashion Necktie, remember that tie tie should not be too tight or too loose, especially worth noting that after the end of the fight, we must tighten up, Fashion Necktie knot should be slightly tilted. In order to remind people to tighten your Fashion Necktie, please do not buckle the shirt's first button, from the Fashion Necktie to pull the collar around the shirt together, which is the habit of the European practice.