Fashion Necktie On The Pattern Of What, How To Match?
- Oct 17, 2017 -

Fashion Necktie on the pattern of what, how to match?
Fashion Necktie has always been a good partner for men in the workplace, not the same fashion Necktie style show their different attitude. What do you know about the pattern on Fashion Necktie? How do different styles of Fashion Necktie match shirt suit? Come and learn, so as not to make any jokes.
Understand the basic meaning of Fashion Necktie pattern, then with a shirt when the suit even more handy. The most important thing is with the shirt on the issue, we must pay attention to:
The same type of pattern do not match together, the grid pattern suit do not go with a plaid shirt and Fashion Necktie;
Dark lattice pattern suit to match plain or stripes, pattern shirt and Fashion Necktie, so very coordinated;
Plaid pattern shirt with twill Fashion Necktie, straight striped shirt to match the pattern of Fashion Necktie, although this is a straight line, but there will be a change in the direction of the lines will not look dull monotonous;
Remember, if the shirt is dark lattice pattern, to match the pattern of Fashion Necktie, because the dark lattice here can be treated as plain colors;
Pattern is printed or flower-shaped Fashion Necktie, it is best with a plain shirt, if it is with a grid or line of the shirt, always gives a dazzling feeling.
A straight suit, the business gentleman's most eye-catching match is also casual Fashion Necktie. Fashionable casual suits can be equipped with gray, green, yellow and brick casual fashion Necktie, of course, this color casual Fashion Necktie with a light shirt with the most appropriate. Classic black suit with the most white is the main light-colored shirt, with gray, blue, green and other casual Fashion Necktie more capable.
In the more serious business occasions, casual Fashion Necktie material is very particular about, because everyone in the color and pattern of choice and not much room to play, the most able to highlight the quality or material.
Silk casual Fashion Necktie Although the color is bright, but not publicity, but also highlights the low-key luxury temperament. Such as the season silk Fashion Necktie with the British heavy silk, with a more soft and comfortable touch. In the hot summer, but also choose linen material leisure Fashion Necktie, this material leisure Fashion Necktie has good heat resistance, but also have a natural texture.
Why do you watch someone on the leisure fashion Necktie, carry the bag is graceful gentleman, and you (in the eyes of others) and rural cadres and no different? Editor wanted to say that it is because you pick the wrong paragraph, or with the wrong clothing ... ...
How to choose Fashion Necktie, it does not look like a village cadre?
tips1: choose fine casual Fashion Necktie, too wide design is outdated.
tips2: will be casual Fashion Necktie written in the hands for a while, after the release to see if there are folds, there is no folds are recommended to buy.
tips3: casual Fashion Necktie should not be too long, standing on the bottom of the belt when it is appropriate location
tips4: to choose a sense of design style, and fancy patterns, will be suction eyes. Such as stripes, checkered, wave points, rhyme pattern, twill ... ...
tips5: you can also boldly try bright colors, after all, is a small area of accessories, with a shirt suit calm, Hold live gas field can be.
tips6: attend a grand, very formal occasions, you can match the needle.
tips7: casual Fashion Necktie also divided into spring and autumn models, not recommended throughout the year with only a shirt.