Fashion Necktie Dry Wash Or Hand Wash Good?
- Sep 29, 2017 -

Most people wear Fashion Neckties, the coat is not buckle on the buttons, so the Fashion Necktie is easy to be stained with some stains, but because of the special characteristics of Fashion Necktie fabric, can not be the same as ordinary clothing directly washing machine washing, so Many people will choose dry cleaning or hand wash, then, Fashion Necktie is dry or good hand wash it?
In fact, cleaning Fashion Necktie is not so difficult, but it is best not to hand wash, because, hand wash, it is easy to destroy the Fashion Necktie surface gloss and flatness, so the best cleaning is a dry sweater, so not only can Remove the stains on the Fashion Necktie, but also to maintain the Fashion Necktie gloss and flatness. See here, my friends are not feeling some distress? Dry cleaning, there may be a lot of friends do not know how to proceed, then, today's Fashion Necktie experts personally teach you how dry cleaning:
1, first, ready to dry cleaning before the tools: high purity alcohol, soft brush, Fashion Necktie shape of the cardboard, smooth sticks without sticks, iron.
2, in the high-purity alcohol will be silk Fashion Necktie soak for about 10 minutes; then, with sticks in the Fashion Necktie stains part of the gently tapping, if the stain is too much on the hand gently rubbed in the stains; finally, with water Shine up and down, gently twist it, hang up with a hanger.
3, when the alcohol is volatilized, and then check whether there are stains, if any, put the Fashion Necktie on the cardboard, with a soft brush dipped in detergent gently scrub, then clean with a clean water, and then dry for a while After the Fashion Necktie set on the cardboard, covered with a piece of wet white cloth in the Fashion Necktie with iron ironing, and finally remove the cardboard.
From the know, cleaning Fashion Necktie is best or dry cleaning, not only will not break the Fashion Necktie and smoothness, but also remove the stain on the Fashion Necktie, and dry cleaning method is very simple, Clean, so that every day with a clean and tidy Fashion Necktie to participate in activities and work friends.
Fashion Necktie believe that no matter whether men and women are no stranger, like a woman's cosmetics, men's logo is the Fashion Necktie, suits and shirts, Fashion Neckties are currently numerous brands in the country, many people in the selection of Fashion Necktie feel dazzled, and A lot of black heart business to take low-cost Fashion Necktie to sell high prices, so many consumers suffer. Today for everyone to bring Fashion Necktie silk and polyester filament identification method.
Because the silk Fashion Necktie and polyester Fashion Necktie post-processing technology to improve, consumers are difficult to see and touch two aspects to distinguish between these two materials. So the most simple and crude method is to use fire to distinguish.
In the identification of Fashion Necktie material, you can linger in the lining of a little fabric to a little lighter with a lighter can see the difference. If the burning lumps, then the fabric is polyester, if burned powder, then it is silk. As the saying goes, the real gold is not afraid of fire, burn once not to burn twice, of course, still have to be careful, the Fashion Necktie burned bad.
The above is in the selection of Fashion Necktie when to distinguish how the Fashion Necktie is silk or polyester method. Hope to help everyone.
After all, Fashion Necktie is tied to the neck, and if the Fashion Necktie is too tight, then the probability of suffering from glaucoma will be particularly large. According to the German medical department's study shows that 40 men Fashion Necktie 3 minutes later, most people's eye pressure increased by 20%, this is because the Fashion Necktie tightened in the neck and Adam's apple this part, suppress the neck vein, Affect the circulation of blood, the impact of eye blood supply.
Because the neck vein is oppressed, will make more blood gathered in the eye, causing great pressure to the eyes, so long, the eye must receive damage caused by glaucoma and a series of eye disease burst. So it is recommended that the Department of Fashion Necktie, especially the neck of the older men's girdle, when the Department of Fashion Necktie must not be too tight, Fashion Necktie itself is to show the charm of jewelry, do not let him transformed into a harm to our health Hidden danger.