Department Of Bowtie You Need To Pay Attention To Health Problems
- Sep 29, 2017 -

As a man, learn to tie the skills is very necessary. Now men will not only tie, ladies will tie. But also need to pay attention to the Bowtie method, or will affect their own health problems.
After all, Bowtie is tied to the neck, and if the tie is too tight, then the probability of suffering from glaucoma will be particularly large. According to the German medical department's study showed that 40 men tied for 3 minutes, most people's eye pressure increased by 20%, this is because the tie tight in the neck and Adam's apple this position, suppress the neck vein, affecting the blood Of the circulation, the impact of eye blood supply.
Because the neck vein is oppressed, will make more blood gathered in the eye, causing great pressure to the eyes, so long, the eye must receive damage caused by glaucoma and a series of eye disease burst. So it is recommended that the Department of Bowtie, especially the neck of the larger men's girdle big knuckle, tie the Bowtie when the Department must not be too tight, Bowtie itself is to show the charm of jewelry, do not let him transformed into a harm to our health risks.
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Bowtie may be in a certain stage of your life on the natural contact, and some people would like to know where the Bowtie is where the beginning of some, trace the historical discovery and not too much historical records of the origin of Bowtie, so a man is very important Accessories, how is it produced? Xiaobian according to the finishing of the information for everyone to introduce the origin of the Bowtie.
There are many statements about the origin of the Bowtie, some people say is originated in the Germanic, it was also said from the Roman era, some people say from the mid-17th century France ... ... and so on, here to say a degree of recognition Relatively high argument.
Before the Industrial Revolution, the United Kingdom was a very backward country, at the time, the United Kingdom to pigs, cattle, lamb as the staple food, and no knife and fork, direct hand to eat. That time there is no razor this thing, so men are beard, eat when the beard dirty, and will use the sleeves to wipe.
Over time, the women who often face the face of these grunge clothes, hung in the men's chest a piece of cloth, in the men's cuffs nail a few small stones, when the men subconsciously go with a sleeve to wipe the beard, Was scratched by stones, with this method to get rid of the bad habits of men, switch to the chest to wipe the cloth.
With the development of society, the progress of civilization, this tradition has been retained, the chest piece of cloth developed into a Bowtie, and cuffs on the small stones I believe you guessed, into a cufflinks, Of the nobility slowly evolved into ornaments, spread so far.
Why Xiaobian will be more inclined to this argument, because the British has been known to the gentleman, where the etiquette to the world recognized, and as a gentleman famous in the United Kingdom, in the men's accessories certainly no less effort, and these are based on their history The
In fact, no matter from which point of view to consider, we have a certain argument, in short, the origin of the Bowtie is mostly Europe this area. If you want to know more about the Bowtie, you may wish to feel the local style of the European countries.
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