Customized Necktie Tie Customization Originated In History
- May 24, 2017 -

Customized Necktie Tie customization originated in the history of wearing a formal suit, and then tied a beautiful tie, both beautiful and generous, but also gives a sense of dignity and dignity, however, symbolizes the civilization of the tie, but it is never evolved from civilization. The earliest tie can be traced back to the Roman Empire. At that time the soldiers are tied with chest scarf, it is used to wipe the swords of the knife, in the battle when the sword to the towel on a drag, you can wipe the blood above Therefore, the modern tie most of the stripes of the pattern, the origin lies in this.

  Customized Necktie Tie is the soul of a suit. Those who participate in formal communication activities, wearing a suit should be tied. Tie length to the belt buckle is appropriate Such as wearing a vest or a sweater, the tie should be placed behind them. The tie clip is usually sandwiched between the fourth and fifth buttons of the shirt.

  Customized Necktie Wear a suit, the shirt sleeve should be longer than the suit sleeve 1-2 cm, collar shirt collar should be higher than the suit collar about 1 cm. Shirt hem must be tied into the pants. If not tie, shirt collar should be open. In formal communication, the color of the shirt is best in white.

  Customized Necktie Tie as a classic dress genuine men, became the elite men's wardrobe in the highest frequency of accessories. Will play the tie is not surprising, if you learn 10 kinds of tie play that will make everyone admiration, Xiao Bian online to see the silk line of silk there are many kinds of tie the Department of the law, but also a lot of personalized custom tie, Ten tie play diagram, I believe in accordance with the picture step by step decomposition of the steps with their own ground exercises, will soon be easy to get started.

  Tie custom, then there are many manufacturers, which silk silk silk world is more famous, are their own design team, according to the needs of personalized customization, particularly high cost, and can LOGO customization, customization and other customized customization The

  Tie is a must for each boutique men, whether business elite or political leaders, a suitable tie can be a good embodiment of the wearer's sense of authority, credibility and fashion sense.