Customized Necktie How To Identify Raw Materials
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Customized Necktie how to identify raw materials
Customized tie Believe that men and women are no strangers, like the ladies' cosmetics, the men's logo is custom shirts, suits and shirts, Customized Neckties are currently numerous brands in the country, many people feel dazzling when choosing a Customized Necktie, and A lot of black heart business to take low-quality Customized Necktie to sell high prices, so many consumers suffer. Today for everyone to bring Customized Necktie silk and polyester film identification method.
Because silk Customized Necktie and polyester tap Customized Necktie processing technology to improve, consumers are difficult to see and touch two aspects to distinguish between these two materials. So the most simple and crude method is to use fire to distinguish.
In the identification of Customized Necktie material when the lining can be slightly out of some of the fabric, with a lighter to burn a little can see the difference. If the burning lumps, then the fabric is polyester, if burned powder, then it is silk. As the saying goes, the real gold is not afraid of fire, burning one can not burn twice, of course, still have to be careful, some of the Customized Necktie is not bad.
Customized Necktie as a man more or less contact, whether you are only with one or two times, or every day need to make a Customized Necktie, with a decent Customized Necktie, or contains a special sense of Customized Necktie, you need to know how To maintain it, then the way to maintain Customized Necktie you know?
First, solve the Customized Necktie, remember to tie the knot to customize the tie, remember not to be too hard to avoid Customized Necktie tie damage, Customized Necktie, but very fragile, too strong will cause permanent traces exist.
Second, the use of Customized Necktie after the end of the tie, you should put a Customized Necktie to put, or to tie up the Customized Necktie, but also pay attention to the Customized Necktie around the storage of sharp objects, to avoid Customized Necktie scratches.
Third, if you are wearing a Customized Necktie drive or car, remember to put a Customized Necktie on the front of the seat belt, to avoid the seat belt to make Customized Necktie wrinkles.
Four, do not always wear the same Customized Necktie, it is recommended to wear one at a time, and do not wear a place to put some water in the wet, and other Customized Necktie wrinkles disappeared, and then hung to dry places.
5, Customized Necktie If dirty, to immediately immediately go to dry cleaning, washing or high temperature ironing will damage the Customized Necktie, so when ironing with a steam iron to iron.
The above five are related to the daily use of Customized Necktie some tips, in the face of stains and storage issues given a reasonable proposal, but also hope that we properly treat their own Customized Necktie.
Will be Customized Necktie and suit the width of the collar comparison, if the suit wide, then not suitable for use with a narrow Customized Necktie, in turn, the collar of the suit with large and wide Customized Necktie the same strange. So here to choose the suit with the collar almost the same Customized Necktie the most appropriate measurement method is to customize the maximum width of the tie (usually below) and the suit the widest place close.
People have tall and thin, Customized Necktie naturally have their own size. Under normal circumstances, the wide body of people for a wide range of Customized Necktie, and slim men for tailor-made Customized Necktie, this is in accordance with our visual knowledge to determine. Of course, there are exceptions, but also to remind the fat people wearing a narrow Customized Necktie good-looking, this is generally required to set the proportion of suits and other factors, so the skills will be relatively high.
In general, everyone's subconscious, wide Customized Necktie gives a solemn feeling, fine Customized Necktie makes people feel more fashion is not suitable for formal occasions. Modern this distinction has been very little, fashion modeling is not necessarily solemn, of course, in a very serious occasion do not seem too exaggerated.
The above three points are the answer to the choice of Customized Necktie width when we choose Customized Necktie. Through three different reference to make a choice, through the layers of competition, naturally able to find their own Customized Necktie. As a Customized Necktie custom manufacturers, naturally a variety of sizes of custom tapes are very familiar with, regardless of which custom style Customized Necktie, you can give you a satisfactory program.