Choose The Flower Necktie For You
- Sep 06, 2017 -

Choose the flower Necktie for you
 As we all know, the Necktie can represent the men for the taste of clothing, the appropriate choice and clothing with the Necktie, can be a good proof of your aesthetic in fashion and fashion point of view. Then you have absolute self-confidence What a flower Necktie can put your heart all reflected?
 From the suit, the Necktie is only accessories, but if the match will not give people feel the lack of overall sense and sense of coordination. The color of the Necktie, the style and the content of the inclusion itself are very worthy of men to be treated carefully. Many men in the selection of Necktie tend to feel strong Necktie Necktie, in fact, a flower Necktie to reflect a person's taste and self-confidence. See the following words, hope you can find a suitable for your flower Necktie.
      Rule Floral
       And irregular floral is different from the rules of the pattern of flowers, and then such a pattern printed on the monochrome fabric, is the so-called "rules floral" Necktie. This type of Necktie has been quite popular for some time, because of its regularity and seriousness, become the oldest male favorite. To the concept of fashion point of view, sometimes, the rules of the pattern of the Necktie and the irregular pattern of the suit and even the jacket may also have an unusual effect.
   [No rules floral]
      As with the literal meaning, no rules floral Necktie is in a plain cloth, printed with different shapes and sizes of different flowers. According to the pattern interval can be divided into different sizes of floral, recently there are many irregular geometric patterns living in them, the color is blinding the characteristics of such Neckties, different colors and patterns and put together a different feeling, lively and informal Grid, suitable for suit with plain suits, monochrome suits suit.
   [Irregular color]
       This Necktie will use a variety of colors with a bold, with each other with a clear color composition. More than three colors (red, yellow, blue) with the color of the match, or the use of different shapes of the pattern, quite self-style. And some simple color and pattern Necktie compared to the use of color blocks and even ribbons, is very bold and unrestrained design, a few plain or collision color together, generous and forthright men may be more like this exaggeration. If it is the color can not wear the suit again with a Necktie such a Necktie, perhaps, the whole suit will suddenly jump up
     Rough lines
     Basically the same shape with the pencil stripes, the difference is the pencil fine lines to replace the lines like crayons or chalk. This full use of line changes produced by the fun, the most prominent in the color Necktie. In recent years, the use of silk stripes with different natural characteristics, so that the original color of the Necktie is also sudden, smooth, thick lines, thin lines of stripes collar more suitable for young and full of bold men and calm and middle-aged men worn.
     【Ivy pattern】
      The so-called ivy pattern is basically with a strong academic style of the pattern of color, that is, in two different but similar to the color block, in the color of the convergence of the use of more dazzling fresh lines with. Some people call such a Necktie for the "flag flag". Whether it is university-style "ivy" or follow the group used to identify the "flag pattern." This type of Necktie with a clear group to identify the taste, different colleges, different corps, or today's different corporate groups, can use this pattern. The pattern of the replacement or a scene of the description are the characteristics of these Neckties. Seems to be particularly meaningful such a Necktie, once you wear on, just like to prove your identity or knowledge.
    I hope you read the above to introduce you to some of the knowledge of the flower Necktie, the majority of men in the future to find their own unique flower Necktie, so you can show their taste is not the same.