Casual Fashion Necktie Etiquette
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Casual Fashion Necktie etiquette
Casual Fashion Necktie is the soul of suit
Men wear suits, the most eye-catching is usually not the suit itself but casual Fashion Necktie, so the Fashion Necktie is called the suit "finishing touch." Wearing a suit, especially when wearing a suit suit does not play casual Fashion Necktie, often make the suit eclipsed.
The choice of Fashion Necktie
Casual Fashion Necktie style that its appearance. In general, it has a wide range of points, mainly by fashion around. Choose casual Fashion Necktie, it should be noted that the best to make the width of casual Fashion Necktie with the width of their own body is proportional to, and not too much contrast. Casual Fashion Necktie and arrows and flat head of the other, but also to be selected.
From the color speaking, casual Fashion Necktie with monochrome, multi-color points. Monochrome Monochrome casual Fashion Necktie for official business and grand social occasions, and to dark blue, gray, black, brown, white, purple the most popular. Multi-color casual Fashion Necktie generally should not exceed three colors, can be used for various occasions. Color is too gorgeous casual Fashion Necktie is not widely used, only in informal social occasions or leisure use will not be criticized.
Production casual Fashion Necktie the most high-end, the most authentic is the silk fabric. In addition to silk, there are polyester fabric. Other fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool and other casual Fashion Necktie, mostly not suitable for use in formal occasions.
For the formal occasions of casual Fashion Necktie, the pattern should be standardized, traditional, the most common with oblique bar, bar, vertical bar, dots, squares and rules of the floral, they have a certain meaning. Printed characters, animals, plants, flowers, houses, landscape, weird mystery pattern of Fashion Necktie only used in formal occasions. Printed with advertising, group logo, family emblem of casual Fashion Necktie do not indiscriminate use.
Classic dress shirt, casual denim shirt, fine striped shirt, when you collect all the shirt type, whether to think for each category of shirts coupled with different styles of casual Fashion Necktie it? Casual Fashion Necktie no universal model, to be decent, but also according to the shirt category to choose a different casual Fashion Necktie.
Silk tweed casual Fashion Necktie for more formal occasions, but we are more informal occasions, need to buy some more casual Fashion Necktie.
If you only have a few casual Fashion Necktie, you should not buy more bizarre style, on the contrary, should buy a few simple simple or twill style.
Mainly to see if you are conservative or outgoing, casual Fashion Necktie to suit your taste. Miscellaneous style in the negotiation environment is not ideal, you will not be a pink casual Fashion Necktie to attend the funeral.
Try to buy a more adaptable casual Fashion Necktie to match your existing clothes and shoes. Of course, depending on your economic situation. If you like to wear classical style of clothing, it is recommended not to buy animals and cartoon style casual Fashion Necktie, they will soon become obsolete. But still that sentence, if your taste is outgoing, and there are suitable clothes and shoes with, even if a Mickey Mouse or Spider-Man casual Fashion Necktie, will still be recognized as the people who will wear clothes.
Leisure Fashion Necktie maintenance
1. casual Fashion Necktie when not in Fashion Necktie hanging in the hanger in the middle, keep flat Ting. Store the best Fashion Necktie once, in order to achieve the purpose of insecticide sterilization. Store the casual Fashion Necktie to keep dry.
    2. leisure Fashion Necktie do not fold, to avoid wrinkles, affect the appearance. If the casual Fashion Necktie has been folded, the Fashion Necktie tightly rolled in a clean bottle, every day wrinkles can be eliminated.
    3. casual Fashion Necktie can not be placed in the sun exposure, will cause silk yellowing, affecting the appearance.
    4. In order to maintain the casual Fashion Necktie color, can not wash, a little dirty can be used cotton dipped in alcohol at the stains along the fabric potential flow gently wipe, and then spray some water, pad lining ironing. Ironing the temperature is low, the speed should be fast, avoid the entire leisure Fashion Necktie immersed in the water washing, these are very good casual Fashion Necktie maintenance methods.