Autumn And Winter Season How To Pick Bowtie
- Sep 15, 2017 -

Autumn and winter season how to pick Bowtie
Bowtie highlights a personality that reflects the personality of the accessories. In the pursuit of men with clothing, tie can be described as an important manifestation of its taste. Bowtie manufacturers focus on men's accessories customization, the following let Xiaobian to introduce you to several different types of Bowtie:
  Solid color Bowtie: In fact, solid color Bowtie is usually the use of the company's Bowtie, fashion, clean, harmonious, is the office workers common Bowtie.
Striped Bowtie: This Bowtie In fact, stripes size and color have many variants, black background style bright, meaning clear.
 The Bowtie: This tie is not suitable for formal and formal negotiations, but can be worn on more casual situations.
In the clothing with them, simple and always are the same classic. If you are not so confident in your choice of Bowtie, do not try to be unconventional. You know, most men do not feel like the pattern.
Bowtie color and pattern, in general, plain, twill, dots, and geometric patterns of the Bowtie with all kinds of styles with a suit or shirt with. But should pay attention to the map of the paramecium can only wear in the leisure, at work to avoid the best use, otherwise it will be lost.
Tie with the skills lies in the color and pattern with the master tie the color of the tie, it will produce a different with the effect.
Bowtie as part of the men's suits, giving the impression that most of the formal occasions will be used to attend it. With the development of the times, Bowtie is also gradually on the daily streets. Let Xiaobian let you introduce the following types of Bowtie:
Lattice Bowtie: lattice element can be described as a very classic, elegant color is very good with, with the same color of the suit jacket the best results. It should be noted that the style of the grid can not be too complicated, otherwise it will be overwhelming.
 Printed Bowtie: romantic and complicated printing on the Bowtie above the more noble temperament, if you choose to print Bowtie, in the suit style and other jewelry will try to simplify.
Wave point tie: fashion, Funny, lively, these words can be used to describe the taste of the full wave of Bowtie, lively colors and classic wave point elements together.
Solid color Bowtie: solid color collar is neat, better match. Usually with the shirt or suit the details of the color together. Black Bowtie is usually the most wild.
Wise men like the Bowtie, because it is clear, gives a competent, intelligent feeling; romantic dot pattern of Bowtie on behalf of admiration, oblique pattern of the Bowtie is to show the man open and unrestrained free and easy.
In the men with the clothing from the Bowtie began. Men with the Bowtie, will be more than the other appearance, more about men on his identity, status, credit, personality and ability of the perception, and some men wear the collar of the shirt are separated from the material, the color is good But with the obvious people feel the color is not coordinated.
Bowtie with a knowledge, if with the wrong, it may damage the overall feeling, but if with clever, you can catch the eyes of the crowd, and seem to own ingenuity.
With the development of the times the demand for the Bowtie is also changing, from the Bowtie fabric, color, pattern, pattern and other different requirements of the change, the Bowtie manufacturers have always customized according to customer needs production and processing Bowtie, customer satisfaction is our Consistent termination.