A Variety Of Ties
- May 23, 2018 -

1. style and texture:

The three styles of tie: the necktie style is mainly on the tie width, the common tie width is 8 ~ 9cm, the width is 12cm, the narrowest only 5 ~ 7cm. Tie is basically divided into three kinds, you can choose according to your hobbies. Necktie style can also be divided into two types of arrowheads and flat heads according to the lower end. The lower end is the arrowhead tie. It is more traditional and regular. There is no problem with any type of suit. It appears solemn and conservative; the lower end is a tie, usually with a casual suit, showing a fashion, avant-garde and casual.

Business tie is usually made of pure silk or wool. Color and texture of neckties are also particular in different seasons. The collocation of neckties in spring and summer season is mainly composed of cool colors and warm colors. In hot summer days, it is best to wear soft and soft tie like silk and other materials, tie tie should also play relatively small, giving people a sense of refreshing. In autumn and winter, in winter, especially in winter, you can choose wool neckties, and the color should be warm color, such as dark red, coffee color and other warm colors, can produce a warm feeling in the vision.

2. color and pattern:

The color of the tie must be in harmony with the suit and shirt. The color of the coat should be the basic color of the tie. They are mainly blue, gray, black, brown and other single colored neckties, or tie patterns with regular shapes such as stripes, dots, squares and so on. There are not more than three kinds of ties to wear on formal occasions.

In general, plain, twill, dots, and geometric patterns and styles are able to tie any suit or shirt collocation. But we should pay attention to that the tie with irregular pattern can only be worn on social occasions or casual occasions, and it is better to avoid using at work, otherwise it will be a great loss.

Different patterns of necktie have different connotations, such as twill tie represents decisive authority, and is steady and rational, suitable for negotiation, hosting and speaking occasions. The tie dots and squares are representative of the rules, which are suitable for the first time to meet or meet their elders or superiors. The necktie with irregular pattern represents lively, vigorous, personalized and creative, suitable for cocktail parties, banquets, parties and appointments.





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