Silk Tie System Men Will Be Women Will Learn The Silk Necktie
- Jun 09, 2017 -

Silk tie system men will be women will learn the Silk Necktie
Some people will think that the silk tie is just a form, it is not understand the people will think so! Real silk tie in the men's suit with the play, but plays an important role in the indirect can see if you have taste to pay attention. Different occasions, different suits, different styles with silk tie is different.
A small silk tie with countless different kinds of play, different silk tie knot Although it looks more similar, in fact, are hidden behind the different "content"! Here, please come up with a silk silk tie to start learning it.
1. Piain Knot
Flat is one of the men's most selected silk tie play. Almost applicable to a variety of materials, silk tie. After the completion of silk tie play was oblique triangle, suitable for narrow collar shirt.
Tip: in the wide side of the map in the left hand side, but also for the right hand to play; in the choice of "men's dimples" (the formation of bump) case, try to make both sides even and symmetrical.
2. Double Knot double knot
A fine texture of the silk tie and then with a double ring knot can create a sense of fashion. Suitable for young office workers choose.
Tips: the silk tie to play the characteristics of the first lap will be slightly exposed in the second lap outside, do not deliberately to cover.
3. Cross Kont cross knot
Monochrome, elegant, thin material silk tie for this kind of play. For men who like to show a sense of fashion may wish to use the "cross knot". The purpose of the cross knot is that the knot has a dividing line, feeling very fashionable.
Tip: Note that the steps to finish the silk tie is the back facing forward.
4. Double CrossKnot double cross knot
Double cross knot is easy to reflect the men's elegant and grand temperament, suitable for formal occasions to choose. The silk tie play should be used in plain and silk silk tie, if with a large lapel shirt is not only suitable for a kind of noble sense.
Tip: wide edge from the first lap and the second lap between the piercing, complete the assembly full of full.
5. Windsor Knot Windsor knot
Windsor knot is named after the Duke of Windsor silk tie knot, is the most orthodox silk tie play. Played out of the triangle, full of powerful, suitable for match with a wide collar shirt.
Tip: wide side first reserved for longer space, around the loose, tight will affect the size of the silk tie knot.
6. The PrinceAlbert Knot Prince of Abbot
Albert prince knot for romantic buckle collar and sharp collar series shirt, with romantic material soft fine silk tie. "People's dimples" on both sides slightly tilted.
Tips: wide side first reserved for a long space, and around the second lap when the fit together to complete this perfect knot.
7. The Simple Knot Jane (knot)
Suitable for thick silk texture of the tie, the most suitable for playing in the standard and button-type collar shirt. Easy to play, very suitable for use in business travel. This silk tie is very tight, popular in the late 18th century British groom.
Tips: common horse coach knot in all silk tie play the most simple, especially for thick fabric silk tie, will not cause silk tie knot too bloated cumbersome.
8. The Trend Knot
Romantic knot is a perfect knot, suitable for all kinds of romantic series of neckline and shirt.
Tip: The wide edge of the bow tie to fold the fold to narrow its knot, narrow edge can also be moved to its left and right to make a small part of the wide edge in the silk tie next to the edge.
9. TheHalf-Windsor Knot half of Windsor knot (cross knot)
The most suitable with the romantic collar and standard neckline series shirt. The semi-Welsh knot is a symmetrical silk tie knot, which is slightly larger than the Purite knot and smaller than the Windsor knot. Looks like a lot of steps, it is not difficult to do it, after the tie is usually a good position.
Tips: the use of fine silk tie easier to use, suitable for people who do not often play silk ties.