About What You Need To Know About The Bowtie
- Jun 09, 2017 -

About what you need to know about the Bowtie
Bowtie also in its retro style and its universal popularity in the service industry led to two very different associations; is condescending or respectful humility; is noble or elegant or under the people. Do not worry how to say, Bowtie and tail dress together with never wrong.

Q: How big is the size of the Bowtie?

A: As the dress itself solemn and rigorous, Bowtie size should not be too exaggerated. Its width should not exceed the width of the collar, the height should not exceed the collar high. Similarly, the size of the bow is too narrow is not appropriate.

Q: that kind of fabric tie can be fitted with suits?

A: Bowtie as a casual, you can present a variety of novel fabrics and weave; but as the dress tie can only be black silk as a fabric. Its weave can only be plain, twill, or Barraci silk three.

Q: Why must these three?

A: In order to tie the texture of the dress in the collar together. Plain knot tie with silk collar. The other two weave with Luo satin fabric lapel.

Q: Can I choose a tie with a clip? How about the kind of good?

A: If you have to be picky, we can only say that with your Bowtie more seriously, you tied yourself. More than two Bowtie can be assured choice. If, at an earlier time, the collar settlement is a basic life skills, then today this time, no one because you brought a Bowtie and make a fuss. In fact, all over the streets of the new, self-cultivation dress is often with a narrow section of the Bowtie. This tie is not easy to play well, you naturally will not because of this and really tied himself. And as the dress tie can only be the most black silk fabric. Its weave can only be plain, twill, or Barraci silk three.

Q: If I follow the above principles, will not it look like a waiter?

A: It is possible, if you ignore the V-shaped opening lapel, there are three buttons of the dress shirt (try a button shirt); may wish to show a finishing touch dress shirt, plus an eye-catching dress to bring, It is best not to be too gracious for others pouring wine.
Exquisite behind is undoubtedly the progressive process of progressive, each of the production of casual Bowtie requires 11 processes. Cutting, picking, picking, car angle, small hot, hot type, sewing, set the brand small climbing, inspection needle, ironing, quality inspection, packaging, 11 Bowtie craftsmen perform their duties, such as the magician like big match The fabric becomes a delicate casual Bowtie.

To cut, for example, the cutting division according to the fabric of the cutting line, semi-manual semi-mechanical fabric cut into a set of collar pieces. Not only to cut the fabric, but also cut the collar of the lining, lining, head cloth. And then pick the film division will check each piece of cloth, there will be flawed pieces picked out to avoid the impact on the finished product.

The texture of the Bowtie depends not only on workmanship, but also on the fabric. All along, as the soul of the brand, the fabric for the Bowtie provides an absolute advantage. Hansen's Bowtie most of the use of silk and polyester fabrics, but also silk blended fabric.