Tips for choosing a tie
- Jan 01, 2018 -

Tips for choosing a tie

Elegant hue

This season, tender color, pure white tie out of the popular advantage, dress with let him try it. See Marja Kurki this season will goose yellow, purple pure solid color and a bold launch; hibiscus-like red, fruity delightful light orange, sweet cherry-like pink, as well as the Mediterranean blue, ice blue, bright white also have Neck and neck make full of charm. Full of natural aura of color, people in the spring summer imagination. Do not be afraid of poor color tie and fashion with a poor, it touches the dark color of the tie will make your dress appears too old. 

Freehand and realistic style pattern patterns

You can definitely enjoy them as a freehand or realistic style masterpiece. At times, seemingly arbitrary sources based on attractions, country legends, or the inspirational moments of a touch of a living, all reflect one's concern for the fate of nature. Therefore, the season's tie is more treasure, which is another embodiment of the value of the tie as a gift.

Thoughtful and comfortable fabrics

The king of fiber silk always makes people feel more comfortable and thoughtful, no matter who is given, a good tie will accurately convey your mind. Such as yarn-dyed jacquard tie, good texture, high gloss, more suitable for grand or serious occasions; printing tie, easy, lively, suitable for more relaxed occasions.

Excellent texture

A good texture of the tie, lining sutures straight, lined to be smooth; good tie should have a sense of hanging, should not be easily wrinkled, the tie curly grip and then release, the quality of the tie will quickly restore smooth; No matter how light and thin the fabric is, the tie can not be excessively elegant; a good tie has a very good abrasion resistance and it will not easily fluff; when working on a tie, the top of the tie can be folded in half and the tie can be perfectly aligned . Of course, romance is always the best reason you have a tie as a gift.





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