The skills of Tie and shirt
- Jan 01, 2018 -


   Tie is a good partner in the workplace men, a nice tie can give the whole body dress much more points. In fact, shirt tie with knowledge is also great. To match decent, really need type men spend some effort.

    Young people should use lively, colorful tie, to increase the user's youthful vitality; for older people, you should choose a generous and generous style; and women should use plain tie.

    At the same time, pay attention to tie with the shirt at the same time, should also pay attention to the coordination of shirt tie color, in order to increase the elegant and refined, the charm of double the good results.

    Business men most commonly used to wear is the shirt tie with the suit, no matter where no loss of grace, loved by people in all fields. The variety of shirts, shirts and ties to the close friends, only know how to use different shirt tie in different occasions collocation method, the combination of color, the collision between the lines to reflect the essence of your match, in order to reflect Your personal overall style, achievement quality man.

    Shirts and ties with a knowledge, if not properly matched, may undermine the overall feeling, but if cleverly equipped, you can seize the people's eyes, but it seems out of mind. Tie always plays a leading role, because it is the most eye-catching part of the clothing. In general, you should first focus on the tie with the suit jacket. To more stress point of view, the color of the shirt should be the basic color tie.

    The white shirt is excellent for every man and is suitable for all occasions and will not be outdated, so every man should at least have a wash-and-wash white shirt that is paired with lively colors or bold neckties It's all good. Eternal fashion with a white or light blue shirt with a monochrome or bright pattern of the tie. This is never out of date with.

    In clothing with the way, simple always please. If you are not confident in the grade of your choice of tie, do not try to be unconventional. You know, most men do not feel good about the patterns. Not only that, you never know what kind of disgust you may have caused by your "unusual" taste. To some extent, the shirt-and-tie arrangement also reflects your level of sophistication in person.

    Every man should have at least one white or light blue collar buttoned shirt. On the tie, there is at least one blue or red tie that is purely blue for use during the day. There should also be a silk jacquard necktie or a pure black tie that will be used instead of the collar when attending a formal dinner.







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