How to tie a tie
- Dec 28, 2017 -

How to tie a tie

    Business activities, it is inevitable to suit. A lot of people do not wear bow ties, or you ask people to lay them around your neck or buy a tie, in fact, the neck tie is not technically live. If you look at the tie below, you will find that the same is true of tie So easy.

    The most commonly used most classic tie play non-four-hand knot is none other than the four knot knot, bow tie was oblique triangle, suitable for narrow-necked shirt, simple style, very convenient

 The first type

     Pinch the wide end with your right hand (LG as shown in the picture below). Hold the narrow end with your left hand (SM in the picture below), cross and stack, with the wide end up and the narrow end down.

The second type

   After the wide end to the narrow end, as shown below.

The third type

    Then the wide end in the front from the right hand turned to the left hand side, into a ring, as shown below.

The fourth type

   Then turn the wide end under the tie knot and turn it out from the neckline as shown below.

The Fifth type

    Finally, insert the wide end into the previously formed ring, fasten it as shown below.

    The final renderings, as shown below.

How to tie 1.pngHow to tie 2.pngHow to tie 3.pngHow to tie 4.pngHow to tie 5.pngHow to tie 6.png