Historical legends about the origin of ties(1)
- Jan 01, 2018 -

Historical legends about the origin of ties(1)

     Tie Protection said that the earliest ties originated in the Germanic, Germans living in the deep forests, the rough hair, wrapped in animal skin to warm the cold, in order not to let the animal's skin fall down, they tied with grass rope around the neck, tied animal skins. As a result, the wind can not be blown in from the neck, both to keep warm to prevent wind, and later their neck rope was Westerners found, and gradually improved into a tie. Others think that the fishermen who originated from the seaside tie and fishermen go fishing at the sea. Because the sea is windy and cold, the fishermen fasten a belt around their neck to keep the wind warm, and gradually the belt becomes a kind of decoration. Protecting the human body to adapt to the current geographical environment and climatic conditions is an objective factor for the tie, which is the most primitive tie. As far as the function of ties is concerned, the origin of territorial integrity is believed to be because of the needs of people's lives and for some purposes. There are two kinds of legends here. A kind of cloth that men's neckbands originated under British men's collar. Before the Industrial Revolution, Britain was also a backward country, eating meat by hand and holding large chunks of meat to the mouth to chew. The grown men became bearded. The large pieces of meat stink the mustache while the men Use the sleeve to rub. In order to deal with men who do not like clean behavior, women in the men's collar hanging a piece of cloth for them to wipe the mouth, under the collar of this piece of cloth has become the traditional British men's jacket attachments. After the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom developed into a developed capitalist country. People paid close attention to the basic necessities of life, and the cloth hanging under the collar became a tie.







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